i-Kaly: a start-up that will revolutionize nutrition in Madagascar!

i-Kaly is the project of a social and collaborative enterprise in the restaurant industry, a growing and promising sector in Madagascar. Developed by Jenny Malala, this start-up wants to allow Malagasy Internet users to order meals online, via a simple application.



It is often difficult to leave everything behind in order to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Countless projects never see the light of day because of the growing competition between Malagasy entrepreneurs. However, Jenny Malala’s may have that extra something to survive the startup obstacle course. The charm of this project is not only its interesting business model, but also its social dimension.




Jenny Malala, a hotel and restaurant coach in Madagascar, is a fierce fighter with an unfailingly positive attitude. Attracted to the restaurant business from an early age, Jenny started out in this sector in the Paris region. She returned to her native country in 2012 to pursue a career in the same now lucrative world. Ella won the Orange social entrepreneurship prize in Madagascar. This young entrepreneur is strongly committed to sustainable management and full customer satisfaction. With I-Kaly, this young Madagascan even won the Orange Social Entrepreneur Award in 2016.



i-Kaly : a start-up that gives others a chance

The iKaly project is the subject of a participative financing campaign on Fanjava. In order to stand out from its competitors, iKaly has the particularity to offer not 1, but 4 services. The aim is to highlight dishes prepared by independent cooks (amateur or professional). By giving these needy individuals the chance to pursue their passions for cooking, Jenny hopes to provide them with greater opportunities. Joining iKaly means working on a permanent contract, with an income higher than the Malagasy minimum wage. Jenny will also be offering healthy, full-course breakfast preparation and delivery. In addition, the start-up is committed to donating 15% of its profits to a public school to provide breakfast every day to needy students at the Tongarivo EPP.



With i-Kaly, have a quick and healthy lunch!

Once lunchtime arrives, the iKaly app will help you optimize your time to eat fast and healthy. The food will be delivered in aluminium containers made from recycled cans and trays. No more costly packaging of take-away food, and hello ecology! Last but not least, you won’t have to waste any more time travelling to your favourite restaurant.

Through the iKaly application, 4 services will be offered to you:

i-Kaly SLOW FOOD : preparation and delivery of healthy and complete lunches in the city center of Antananarivo (Madagascar). These meals will be packaged and delivered in eco-designed bentos, which will be subject to a deposit system. Each i-Kaly SLOW FOOD meal ordered will be entered into a loyalty program that will entitle the customer to gifts made by local artisans and designers. The target audience is students, staff of companies and organizations.

i-Kaly UPCYCLING : online sale of cutlery and bentos (take-away boxes) produced locally from recycled aluminium cans and trays. The target group is: individuals, retailers, i-Kaly EXPRESS partner restaurants and i-Kaly HOMEMADE service cooks.




i-Kaly EXPRESS : order and delivery of meals prepared by restaurants. The delivery is made by freelancers who are paid by the delivery service. The eco-designed packaging system is returnable. It will be valid for orders in partner restaurants. This service caters to a much wider audience and targets restaurants.

i-Kaly HOMEMADE : order and delivery of meals prepared by independent cooks (amateur or professional), who will also deliver their products in i-Kaly bentos. This will be a one-to-one service.


With the support of crowdfunding, the funding for this ambitious project will be used precisely and exclusively to program the mobile application (for Android and IOS). It will allow:

  • to take and install a room dedicated to the preparation of i-Kaly SLOW FOOD,
  • to purchase and equip the motorcycles for delivery,
  • to buy the isothermal boxes for the independent deliverers
  • to order the aluminium cans among others

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