IBL announces collaboration with Eco Austral for the 2017 Tecoma Award

IBL Together is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Southern Eco as Master Partner of the Tecoma Award for the 2017 edition. The award is now called the “IBL Tecoma Award”. This partnership between the leading Mauritian Group and the Eco austral team reinforces IBL Ltd’s commitment to support entrepreneurship in Mauritius and the region.



For Arnaud Lagesse, Group CEO of IBL Ltd, the focus on entrepreneurship is in line with IBL’s mission to create a better future for all.

“This commitment is not new and I am more convinced than ever of its relevance today. Indeed, due to new technologies and the internet, almost all known business models are being disrupted, reinvented or reimagined” he added.


Tecoma Award


An emerging global economy

According to the CEO of IBL Ltd, new products and services are emerging at an unprecedented rate and competition is no longer limited by geographical boundaries. No business model is completely immune to these changes. However, with these disruptions and competition comes a new mass of opportunity. It has never been easier to create new business models and reach out to national or international audiences.

“For our region to be relevant in this emerging global economy, we must build and develop businesses that participate in these new ways of creating value. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are the explorers and authors of this new way of living and working. We need to identify and support those who challenge the old business models,” says Arnaud Lagesse.

This is the objective of the IBL Group through structures such as The Bee Equity Partners or the new co-working and networking space, The Ground, which has just been opened in Cassis. Let’s also not forget the social crowd funding platform, Small Step Matters, a first in Mauritius.


Arnaud Lagesse, Group CEO of IBL Ltd.


IBL Tecoma Award

The entire IBL team has decided to join forces with the Tecoma Award team in order to support entrepreneurship, which also involves promoting it.

“We are proud to associate our group with this renowned competition and to bring IBL Together’s touch to it with the design of a series of events, variations on the themes of entrepreneurship and value creation, in the wake of the competition” said Arnaud Lagesse.


Alain Foulon, Director General of the Eco austral.


Alain Foulon, General Manager of the Eco Austral, who initiated the award, is pleased to welcome this new partner.

“The Tecoma Award was launched in 2002 to promote entrepreneurship in Mauritius. We are therefore very happy to partner with the IBL Group, which shares the same vision as L’Eco austral. The commitment of the IBL Group, for a minimum of three years, gives us the opportunity to build a long-lasting partnership and to set up common actions” adds Alain Foulon.


Tecoma Award Methodology

Here are the 4 criteria used by the editors of L’Eco austral to select the nominees:

1 – Growth (sales and/or net income)

2- Innovation (new products and/or services, or new marketing approach)

3- External dynamism (export development or prospecting)

4- Personal commitment as a citizen

The jury is composed of five independent personalities representing the business world of Reunion Island, four of whom are part of the partners of the Southern Eco, with the presidency going to the 2016 Reunion Island Entrepreneur of the Year.



Election of the Tecoma award winners

A file on each nominee is sent to the members of the jury in advance. The votes of this jury will count for 50% in the final ranking. The polling institute Kantar TNS Analysis and L’Eco austral are present as facilitators during the deliberations. Then, Kantar TNS Analysis, also a partner of the event, conducted a survey of 200 Mauritian business leaders. The poll votes count for 50% of the final ranking.


Tecoma Award


Calendar of events

May 25 – Announcement of nominees.

June 16 – Awards ceremony.


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