ICT: Mauritians increasingly connected!

ICT: Mauritians increasingly connected!

The ICT field is doing more than well in Mauritius! According to the latest data from Statistics Mauritius, mobile phone subscriptions saw an increase of 1.3% from 143.6% in 2016 to 145.5% in 2017. Internet connectivity has also increased, with 98.7 out of every 100 inhabitants reportedly connected to the Internet.



The field of technology opens up a whole field of possibilities! The small gestures of daily life, both personal and professional, are readapted according to the progress made. Thus, in recent years, the trend towards the Internet or objects related to it has been increasing in its use. Similarly, the career choice has been redefined, pushing more towards a professionalization of this field, especially for young people.

These facts are demonstrated by the report published by Statistics Mauritius and economic and social indicators on information and communication technologies (ICT) in Mauritius.

Mobile phone usage on the rise!

According to the latest data from Statistics Mauritius, in 2017, the number of mobile-related subscriptions saw a marked increase compared to 2016. An increase of 1.3% from 143.6% in 2016 to 145.5% in 2017. The number of mobile subscriptions also increased by 1.4% from 1,814,000 in 2016 to 1,839,500 in 2017.

These figures demonstrate the high mobile connectivity of Mauritians, promising a more than flourishing future for the ICT sector on the island.


TIC : des Mauriciens de plus en plus connectés !


Internet subscriptions are skyrocketing!

The Internet has become “a necessity” in the 21st century…almost everything is connected to the net. Mauritius is no exception to the trend, if only by seeing the number of operators offering internet services.

Therefore, the figures that prove a 14.5% increase in internet subscription are quite justified! Also according to Statistics Mauritius’ records, the exact number of internet subscribers was 1,090,300 in 2016 compared to 1,248,000 in 2017. Thus, out of every 100 inhabitants, 98.7 were subscribers in 2017 compared to 86.3 in 2016.

The ICT sector opens the doors to new jobs!


TIC : des Mauriciens de plus en plus connectés !


As mentioned above, the ICT sector is doing great! This time, the sector is showing a clear increase in the job market. It must be said that technology and digital technology are opening all the doors to new professions. Indeed, in this area Statistics Mauritius denotes an increase of 3.6%, with 16,201 employees in 2017 compared to 15,634 in 2016.

With a constantly evolving field where nothing is won or known in advance, the job market will not be saturated any time soon!

In addition to the increase in the number of mobile phones, Internet subscriptions and employment, the value added of the ICT sector is also growing. For example, the data shows that it increased from $627 million in 2016 to $656 million in 2017.

This report from Statistics Mauritius shows that information and communication technologies are constantly on the rise in Mauritius. ICTs have a very promising future…


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