Innovation: Dakri Cartons Ltd goes digital

Dakri Cartons Ltd

It’s time to go digital, and even cardboard boxes are going digital. Dakri Cartons Ltd, which has already been in existence for 30 years in Mauritius, is no exception to the digital innovation. Indeed, this local leader in packaging manufacturing is going digital. For this purpose, the internal processes were integrated into an Enterprise Resources Planning system.



Digitization: innovation at the heart of this business

With 130 employees, the Indo-Mauritian company Dakri Cartons Ltd celebrated its 30th anniversary this year. And what better way to celebrate than with a digital facelift? With its regional expansion in full swing, this firm serves not only the local market but also Sister Island. And to mark the occasion of its 3 decades of activity, innovation is the key word. Its internal processes have been integrated with an Enterprise Resources Planning system.


Dakri Cartons Ltd in the midst of a digital revolution

The digital revolution is therefore underway for this company. Thanks to this ERP system, it is now possible to create and record data in each department. To do this, you only need to enter all the necessary parameters and information once. The rest of the processes are then automated. Basically, the administrator enters each transaction into the system and it is then transferred to management for approval. This provides a better overview of the company’s management and makes it easier to consult the reports.


Innovation also goes through the website

What would a digital innovation be without a website makeover? To this end, the website has been updated. Completely redesigned and refurbished, this “showcase” of the brand is another change for the image that the company projects both locally and internationally. Yes, the Dakri Ltd. website has not only been modernized, it has also been simplified and made more user-friendly for customers and visitors. This is a great addition to the user experience.


A clearer purchasing process

Another small innovation in the program for the company: a form to develop your own product. Indeed, if a visitor does not find what he is looking for, he has the possibility to fill in a form. The latter allows him to create his product and to send a request for a quote directly. In addition, the products that are ordered regularly form a catalogue to better present the company’s offer. The purchasing process is also clearly explained to improve the customer experience. On the other hand, through a blog section, Dakri Cartons Ltd proposes news related to its company. In addition, advice is given to help customers choose products (imported from the Seychelles or Reunion).


An expansion towards Madagascar?

Dakri Cartons Ltd. continues its evolution and its local and regional ambitions by providing a modern and stable infrastructure for the continuation of its operations. While they have been exporting to Reunion Island for 8 years already, will the next step be Madagascar? Although they admit to having thought about it, the company’s managers have not yet decided.

Image credit – Dakri Cartons Ltd

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