Lars Lindgren an expert in local startups

Lars Lindgren an expert in local startups

With 35 years of start-up experience, Lars Lindgren wanted to share his knowledge with local start-ups. From October 29 to November 1, the Swedish expert was welcomed at the Turbine. This initiative by Compass Venture Capital is another step towards the emergence of innovation in the Mauritian entrepreneurial community.



35 years of experience for Lars Lindgren, the Swedish Business Angel

Lars Lindgren is a Swedish Venture Capitalist and Business Angel. He has 35 years of experience in supporting startups, which he wanted to share with Mauritian entrepreneurs. The guest of Compass Venture Capital, the venture capital fund of the ENL Group, offered workshops at the Turbine. The latter were an opportunity for him to share his experience in financing start-ups. These workshops brought together active and potential investors and local start-ups.


Train startups on the specificities of equity investment

This initiative is consistent with Compass Venture Capital’s mission to play a leading role as an outreach and networking agent for entrepreneurs. Fabrice Boullé, partner at Compass, explains: “It consists, firstly, of a training session for startups about the specificities of equity investment, and secondly, of a discussion session for active or potential Business Angels and Equity Investors. The objective is to familiarize startups and investors with the essence of equity investing, which is different from traditional bank financing. This will be achieved through a greater involvement of the funders towards the entrepreneurs, who will put their knowledge and experience at their disposal.


Increase the return on investment

Lars Lindgren, anangel investor, has invested in over 60 startups to date. For him, it is obvious that such an initiative will have an important role in the take-off of innovative projects in Mauritius. In fact, he finds this workshop to be a launching pad. Indeed, it was an opportunity to discuss the creation of a network of Mauritian Business Angels and Equity Investors. In addition, it is a way for investors to increase their return on investment. By being better equipped, they should be able to optimize negotiations, recruitment and other project support.


“I am delighted to see that this drive to foster innovation within the entrepreneurial community in Mauritius is a subject that is at the heart of Compass’ concerns” – Lars Lindgren


Investing in innovative start-ups with high growth potential

Compass Venture is committed to the importance of investing both financially and strategically in innovative startups. Especially those with strong growth potential and a clear competitive advantage in the Africa/Indian Ocean region. For them, the potential of Mauritius and the Indian Ocean zone as a pole of innovation and entrepreneurship is obvious. Thus, through venture capital, Compass contributes to the emergence of a dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem. The organization of this meeting with Lars Lindgren is part of this process.


Image credit: maurice-info-mu

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