K-NEWS: all the Mauritian news in one application!


K-News, is a mobile news application that brings together all the news from the Mauritian press. Available since September 1st, K-News is free to download for Andriod and IOS.



No need to buy tons of newspapers or open all the tabs of news websites to know the news of Mauritius. The K-News mobile application makes it easy for you. Launched on September 1st by its creator Olivier Koening, the app brings together press articles from the four main news sources in Mauritius. Thus, you will find articles, but also videos of the Mauritian press groups, namely L’Express, Le Mauricien, Défi Média and IoN News.


l'application mobile K-NEWS


How does K-News work ?

To access K-News, simply download the Android and IOS compatible app. For Android users, the download is free on Google Play Store. Those using an IOS phone, the download is on iTunes.

Once the application is installed, the user will have access to articles posted by the country’s various press groups under three main headings:

  • Headlines – under the “Headlines” menu are the first three items in the list. These are the three most viewed articles in the last 24 hours. The following articles are listed chronologically, with the most recent ones at the top.


A la Une de K-NEWS


  • Most Read – Under this axis will appear the 20 most read articles by K-News users in the last 7 days.
  • The last axis, “Video”, includes videos from the YouTube channels of L’Express, Défi Media and IoN News. Like the articles, the videos are arranged in chronological order.


Vidéos en ligne sur K-NEWS


Note that after the first loading of the application, the first 20 items will appear. The next 20 will load automatically when the user reaches the end of the list.

We tested it!

It’s impossible for us not to give in to temptation!’s editorial staff downloaded this famous K-News application to try it. Verdict: it’s simply great. No need to waste time visiting news websites one by one to find out what is happening in Mauritius. Especially since these sites provide a large flow of information without any downtime.

K-News displays all the latest news in chronological order, but not only that: the application also invites you to consult the most read videos and articles.


Les trois axes principaux de K-NEWS


A simple, effective application that informs us about everything and does not omit any essential event! We say: WE TAKE!

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