La Grande Journée des Petits Entrepreneurs: become a partner of this great premiere

The big day for small entrepreneurs

The date is set, the Big Day of Small Entrepreneurs will take place on March 12, in Reunion Island. It is intended for children aged 5 to 12 and offers them a great entrepreneurial experience during a whole day, with other children. Register your child today by clicking here.



Organized by the Webcup association, La Grande Journée des Petits Entrepreneurs is based on the Quebec concept of a recreational day. The goal is to help the child discover the pleasure of creating a company.


Our Goals!

  • Encourage young people to become entrepreneurs,
  • To make people aware of the importance of work and effort in order to earn money,
  • Learn in a festive and friendly context,
  • To give young people the opportunity to develop their creativity, their sense of responsibility, their autonomy and their self-confidence,
  • Change the perception of entrepreneurs in the general population



La grande journée des petits entrepreneurs


Why participate?


This entrepreneurial experience will allow your children to develop their autonomy, creativity, sense of responsibility and hard work in a family and festive context.

As a parent, you will be the first person to accompany your children. In this new adventure, you will naturally play a decisive role, by developing his sense of initiative. This way, he or she will have the chance to carry out a project that matches his or her abilities, to try, to dare, to work to earn a little money, and to have fun!



La grande journée des petits entrepreneurs


For those who think their children are too big, note that the experience is not restricted. The older children will learn how to make a budget, for example the amount to invest in their basic equipment, and by calculating their profit at the end of the day.


How to register?


To register your child, count 5€ per small business (a business can count from 1 to 4 children). This amount will allow your child to benefit from a personalized page of the company of his or her choice on the official website of La Grande Journée des Petits Entrepreneurs, as well as an electronic toolbox.


Future small businessman, lots of ideas just for you!


There are plenty of ideas to help you start your own small business. Here are some of them: lemonade stand, bike wash, gourmet confections, art work (jewellery, paintings, caricatures, etc.), make-up stand, magic show… so it’s up to you to play and especially to use your imagination!


La grande journée des petits entrepreneurs


For this first edition to be a success, La Grande Journée des Petits Entrepreneurs needs your support. Become a partner in this adventure by clicking here.

To all of you who will be participating in this day, we wish you good preparations!

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