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Are you interested in computer development and would you like to make it your profession? Registration for the University Diploma in Computer Development is open, it will be held at the University Technology Park,from 11 March 2017 to 24 August 2017.



Set up by the University of Reunion, the IUT and the Webcup association, this training aims to provide students with the knowledge and techniques necessary for web development, in order to manage companies’ websites.


A growing demand

The University Diploma in Computer Development responds to a growing demand from companies in Reunion Island, which are struggling to recruit qualified personnel in the web professions. The objective of this training is to allow all holders of the baccalaureate to acquire knowledge and techniques that will allow them to integrate companies wishing to develop their digital tools.


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The training in a few words

If you have your baccalaureate in your pocket, you can already register to participate. The training is 227 hours in length and is practice-oriented. For more efficiency, the program was co-developed by the IUT teaching team and the Webcup association. It focuses on modules that will allow future students to better integrate the job market with all the knowledge required, including: algorithmic, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, NoSQL. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to take part in professional integration modules!


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The program in detail

UE1 : Professional integration (10h)

CV, cover letter, job search techniques and professional interview. Immersion course in a company (3 weeks) or professional project.

UE2 : Introduction and levelling (8h)

Introduction to computer language, theoretical man-machine operation, HTTP concepts and the various protocols.

UE3 : Algorithms (34h)

Discover the computer logic and how to communicate with the machine, in order to determine the different possible interactions.

UE4 : Deployment Infrastructures (18h)

Understand how client/server applications work, both proprietary and open source, and how to use LINUX for web hosting needs.


  développement informatique



UE5 : HTML5 & CSS (38h)

Learn how to use the HTML language and discover the possibilities of HTML5. Learn how to format web applications with CSS and use HTML/CSS in business.

UE6 : Programming language (36h)

Discover the different server side programming languages while applying algorithmic theories. Discover the PHP language and its advantages.

UE7 : SQL Databases (25h)

Understanding SQL databases, data schemas and table relationships. Discover MySQL databases.

UE8 : JavaScript (48h)

Discover non-blocking asynchronous programming. Using JavaScript on different devices.

UE9 : NoSQL Databases (10h)

Understand the structure of NoSQL databases. Deploy an application quickly with NoSQL. Discover how BigData works.


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To the inhabitants of the South wishing to register, take your pain in patience, because from September the training will be done in this part of the island.


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