Leal Communications & Informatics launches ALTO, a new Cloud platform

Provide enterprises with a world-class cloud computing platform at a competitive price. This is the objective of Leal Communications & Informatics Ltd in collaboration with Kristof De Spiegeleer, founder of the company Green IT Globe.



ICT is evolving at such a speed that many companies find themselves with outdated infrastructure and applications. In order to better adapt your company to the use of new technologies, it is important to consider an alternative to traditional computing. With this in mind, LCI Ltd has partnered with Green IT Globe, a company that has been creating new technologies for the past 15 years and reselling them to leading companies in the industry, such as Symantec and Western Digital. Together, LCI Ltd and Green IT Globe have set up a cloud platform that will provide companies with 24/7 hosting services.




Online storage: the cloud, a new asset!

Cloud computing is the exploitation of the storage power of remote computer servers via a network. These servers are rented on demand, most often per usage block according to technical criteria (power, bandwidth, etc.), but also on a fixed price basis. Cloud computing is characterised by its great flexibility: depending on the level of competence of the client user, it is possible to manage the server oneself. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines cloud computing as self-service, on-demand access to shared, configurable computing resources over a telecommunications network. It is therefore a relocation of the IT infrastructure.



Large IT companies are promoting cloud computing, which represents a major shift in the model of IT systems from servers located within the enterprise.


The Cloud: an inevitable passage for Mauritius

At the local level, there is a craze for the Cloud. Moreover, a number of companies are hosted in the Cloud, outside Mauritius.

“There are many advantages for companies to migrate to the cloud. For example, a company no longer needs to use equity or loans to acquire expensive servers for deploying new applications,” says Neemalen Gopal, IT Cluster Director at Leal Group.

Unfortunately, many applications and related services are not suitable to be hosted outside Mauritius, as often the waiting time is too long, especially for online applications. This constraint no longer exists with a local hosting with connectivity through optical fiber.

“We will provide our customers with 24/7 hosting services including a range of other additional offerings such as system administration. It’s a form of democratization of IT,” he adds.



Cloud computing is the most revolutionary technology of the decade, changing the way organizations consume, purchase and manage their IT resources.

“Any local cloud offer must take into account the existing proposals at international level. By using Green IT Globe’s latest generation servers and innovative technologies, we can compete regionally and outperform the leaders in the field,” says Saga Sathan, Chief Operating Officer of LCI.

They pay only for the IT resources they need, while enjoying unprecedented flexibility and speed in adopting new IT solutions. However, the announced rates are expensive for the region, count a minimum of RS 2,900 / month to access the service.


Neemalen Gopal – IT Cluster Director of Leal Group; Eric Leal – CEO Leal & Co. Ltd; Hon. Yogida Sawmynaden – Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation; Kristof De Spiegeleer, Founder of Green IT Globe and Saga Sathan – Chief Operating Officer of LCI.


The launch of this new platform took place at the Hennessy Park Hotel in the presence of the Minister of Technology, Communication and Innovation, Yogida Sawmynaden, guest of honour.

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