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2016 was for classifieds.lexpress.mu the beginning of a new adventure under a new identity lexpressclassifieds.mu. To discover: a new design and a combination of new features… and of course, many opportunities!



Online since 2009, classifieds.lexpress.mu was one of the most popular websites in Mauritius, with over 75,000 visits per month. In 2015, the website connected over 500,000 businesses and individuals across the island. In December 2016 lexpressclassifieds.mu had over 100,000 visits per month, while tripling the number of its online classifieds.


The UX has its top

One of the objectives of this rebranding is to simplify the use and accessibility of the website for all Mauritians. Galvanized by this ambition, the teams who worked on this redesign revisited three key pillars:

  1. Much more precise search and filtering options to match users’ search criteria.
  2. The ability to create an ad faster than before, without having to log in with a username and password.
  3. Ergonomics that adapt perfectly to all mobile devices, simplified searches and product uploads.

An important new feature now gives users the ability to log in and manage their account. They add to the management of the ads published, the saving of classified ads available on the site, the creation of e-mail alerts, an overview of the statistics of their various products, and a messaging system.


Serving all Mauritians

Whether you are a private individual or a company, marketing your second-hand objects or a service offer is not always within your reach, due to the lack of adapted rates. Lexpressclassifieds.mu is perhaps the solution to all your expectations, ideal to meet your needs, what is more, FREE!

For advertisers who would like to opt for this advertising channel: Lexpressclassifieds.mu offers you the option of boosting your classifieds so that they appear at the top of the listings. Whether you want to sell a second-hand item quickly, or to promote a product for your company: many solutions are offered by the website.


Promising figures

  • Online classifieds: + 30 000
  • Sessions: + 600 000
  • Users: + 245 000
  • Page views: + 5 million
  • Pages per session: + 8
  • Bounce rate: 28%.
  • Number of sessions per month: + 100 000
  • Organic search traffic: +35%.

In the short term, Lexpressclassifieds.mu plans to offer more tailored solutions to both individuals and professionals. Lexpressclassifieds.mu aims to provide a more easily accessible website to Mauritians, in order to effectively meet the needs of all businesses, regardless of their size. Individuals are not left out, because Lexpressclassifieds aims to help all its users to advance their projects and ideas with the most suitable solution.

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