Madagascar: a new engineering school opens its doors

new engineering school

Following a lack of computer scientists, the Groupement des Operateurs Technologies, de l’Information et de la Communication (GOTICOM), the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Antananarivo (CCIA), supported by the French Development Agency (AFD), have joined forces to open the École Supérieure des Technologies de l’Information (ESTI), designed to train senior technicians at Bachelor’s level, and engineers at Master’s level.



The Paris Ile-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP-IF) is also supporting this project, in particular by contributing its know-how and its network, with the support of the ITESCIA Institute of Computer Techniques, ESTI’s educational partner.

“With the lack of supply of labor, wages in the IT professions tend to increase regularly. Currently, Madagascar is still in the average, if compared to other countries, but if the current trend continues, we will no longer be competitive in the provision of services related to ICT, “said Jean-Luc Rajaona, during a meeting with the media at the CCIA in Analakely.


  nouvelle école d’ingénierie


The opening of this new school, scheduled for December 13, is intended to provide students with training that will enable them to obtain better jobs in the field of computer technology. Eventually, the new school will welcome 500 students per year, with 100 Bachelor’s and 100 Master’s graduates at the end.

AFD has granted 2 million euros in financing to carry out the project. The funds will be used to rehabilitate one of the CCIA buildings, which will serve as the school, purchase state-of-the-art teaching materials, set up curricula, train teachers and provide for the initial operation of the ESTI.


A new way of teaching

During the presentation conference held on Tuesday, December 6, Marc Huertas, deputy director in charge of education at ESTI, stated that “the field of technology is progressing at a remarkable rate and the professions are following this evolution. This is why we have decided to offer academic training linked to the business world”.


  Nouvelle école d’ingénierie


Indeed, this is an innovative system, a teaching method not very common in Madagascar, as students will work and study – 2 weeks of classes, then 2 weeks of internship in a company – alternating. “This will allow the student to get a feel for the work they want to do later on,” added the ESTI deputy director. According to the information provided, the first selection of applications for enrolment will be made in January 2017, with L1, L3 and M1 access levels.


Call for applications

In order to train these young people, a call for applications has already been launched. The first recruitments are :

– The Director General

– The Director of Studies

– The Administrative and Financial Manager

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GOTICOM or “Groupement des Opérateurs des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication” is a private association created in 2000 to boost the information and communication technology sector in Madagascar.

Source: Midi Madagascar

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