Madagascar: Orange Money soon available in Shell service stations

Orange Money

More than a service, Orange Money is more and more used on the big island. To date, more than 60 service stations, including Total, Galana, Jovenna, and soon Shell stations, offer Orange Money services.



This mobile bank accessible to all, has largely exceeded the stage of simple money transfer, to offer now all the transactions that can facilitate the life of their customers. Zoom in on some of the services offered by Orange Money.


Orange Money, a payment solution for everyone


Orange Money is a money transfer and payment service, accessible directly via the mobile phone, and available to all Orange customers. Orange Money is a mobile banking offer that allows :


  • deposit money into your Orange Money account
  • withdraw money from your Orange Money account
  • transfer money to your loved ones
  • pay your bills (telephone, electricity…),
  • pay for your purchases
  • reload your Orange phone credit
  • transfer money to and from your bank account


Orange Money


How to open an Orange Money account?


To have your bank in your neighbourhood, all you have to do is open an account at one of the branches nearest to you, with your ID.


Orange Money


Orange Money is accessible to everyone and everywhere: make sure you have your phone at hand to make your transactions. Orange customers, whether prepaid or postpaid, can take advantage of this innovation in all areas of the island with network coverage.

To download Orange money on your mobile, click here

Simplify your life with Orange Money

Orange Money is also aimed at businesses: this service saves time during banking transactions. By integrating Orange Money into your company’s operations, you will save money and energy.


Orange Money


Orange money protects you against

  1. theft: because it is very tempting and easy to take a few bucks from the cash register
  2. fraud: because counterfeit bills are circulating
  3. costs to secure all this cash: staff dedicated to controls, transport of funds
  4. the loss of time, especially when you have to do your employees’ payroll every month

Orange Money, among the most competitive exchange rates

With Orange Money, send money instantly to your loved ones in Madagascar at a competitive rate, in just one click, without having to move. All you need is a Master Card or VISA credit card. For more information, visit theOrange Moneypage


Orange Mobile


The service set up by Orange is now helping to boost payment methods on the African market. This kind of service allows everyone to become more autonomous, and to no longer have to resort to the conventional way of managing their money.

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