Malagasy get ready for Anzisha’s 2017 award


To encourage young people to engage in entrepreneurship, the Anzisha Entrepreneurs Hackathon, a two-day workshop, was held on March 25 and 26 at the Panorama Hotel in Antananarivo. This workshop, aimed at young Malagasy entrepreneurs aged 15 to 22, was intended to prepare those who have made it their mission to win the 2017 Anzisha competition prize. As a reminder, the latter will take place in October 2017.



Won by Tahina Randriarimanana of Madagascar the previous year, this pan-African competition, organized in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation, offers a prize of $25,000 for first place, $15,000 for second place, $12,500 for third place and $2,500 for the other finalists.


Get inspired by the 2016 edition

This young man is an inspiration to many, as last year’s winner did not have the opportunity to attend high school or even university. His journey began at the age of 16 …




“I started in the marketing of dairy cheeses. Then I entered the processing of fruits, tea and other food products,” he testified in the columns of Ao Raha, September 20, 2016 edition.

Orphaned and raised alone by his maternal grandmother, Tahina Randriarimanana created his own food processing startup, specializing in the manufacture of products stamped Fydeliko and Taksa. At that time, the small company employed 12 people. Since then, it has grown to over 100 employees. For this project, he collaborates with farmers from his home village.

“This is a food processing initiative that substitutes imports through local manufacturing of dairy and confectionery products, and sourcing from local farmers,” he explains.



The other finalists in this 2016 edition were:

  • Aly Abdelazam from Egypt with ‘Teens Club
  • Asha Abbas from Tanzania with ‘Aurateen
  • Benedict Kusi Ampofo from Ghana with ‘Project Kiriku
  • Andrew Ddembe from Uganda with ‘Heart for the Hurt
  • Ifrah Arab from Kenya with ‘Supermom
  • Issam Darui from Morocco with
  • Geoffrey Mulei from Kenya with ‘INKISHA
  • N’guessan Koffi Jacques Olivier from Ivory Coast with Yaletite Entrepreneurship Group CI
  • Yaye Souadou Fall from Senegal with ‘E-cover
  • Faustino Quissico from Mozambique with TQ Group Services
  • Lamine Chamsiya from Niger with ‘E3D Cosmetics


The Anzisha Award

The Anzisha competition, organized by African Leadership Academy in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation, is open to young entrepreneurs under the age of 30 who have developed and implemented innovative solutions to social challenges or created successful companies in their communities. 12 finalists are selected from across the African continent.

Winners receive an all-expense paid one-week trip to South Africa to attend an entrepreneurship workshop and conference hosted by the African Leadership Academy.




African Leadership Academy guides Anzisha winners through the process of creating and growing their businesses, providing the guidance and support necessary for success.

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