Meet Doris Sullivan

Doris Sullivan

Who is Doris Sullivan?

I am married, mother of two daughters, one of whom is already a professional and the second is in her fourth year of studies in Paris. Passionate about my job, which I have been doing for 18 years, I created a company in the field of reverse engineering 6 years ago.



Can you introduce us to your company?

Founded in 2010, Blue World Technology (BWT) is a young mechanical and industrial design outsourcing company located in Phoenix. We are a dynamic team, specialized in 2D and 3D mechanical design, and have the capacity to study digital parts in 3 dimensions before manufacturing. We bring our experience, our responsiveness and our project management know-how to support our clients throughout their project.

If today we manage to keep our customers loyal, it is because we provide them with reactivity, flexibility and a quality service. We can say that BWT brings a unique offer in terms of quality/price ratio.


You’ve been working in the shadows, to quote you, for quite some time. What are your ambitions?

Today we want to make ourselves known and reach the regional and local market. We want to expand our customer portfolio, to be a reference for regional companies in the field of 3D.


Doris Sullivan


Moreover, by being more present on the local territory, we want to show young people another environment that is little known today but which is very evolving. We want to attract new local and regional customers but also attract young people to the retro design profession.


You work mainly with France and Canada. Do you think you can share your know-how and that of your team with the Indian Ocean region?

Reaching the Indian Ocean region is the main objective of the company. Indeed, there are regional and local sectors of activity with which we wish to collaborate and with which we believe we can develop many projects. After the presentation of the partnership with RCD Except on November 11, 2016 at the Hennessy Park Hotel, there were attendees who showed curiosity and interest in our business. We have had some proposals for the future and we believe we have all the necessary capabilities in the business to meet any demand.

After all, we have been able to meet the requirements of our international customers, why not the regional market?


As a woman, was it difficult for you to embark on the entrepreneurial adventure?

The BWT adventure was a risk because we had to be sure that we would find a client portfolio and that they would trust us. We had to convince customers who were thousands of miles away and take into account the time difference. But without risk there is no success. In addition, a few years ago, the reverse engineering profession attracted more men than women. I had to prove myself, but fortunately that changes over the years. Being a woman is not a problem in my job or in the management of the company.


Doris Sullivan


If you have partners, how are your tasks divided?

Pascal Lebon, who started out with me, is now the company’s technical director. He is the one who supervises the whole team on a technical level.
We recently partnered with RCD Except, an international company. They regularly provide training for our team members in order to increase their skills and develop our know-how. As for me, I manage the commercial and administrative part of the company.


What is your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?

The biggest challenge for any company is to grow its turnover and its customer portfolio. We are no exception to the rule. However, I also ensure the good health of the company by developing a close relationship with the members of my team. I regularly make sure that the team is doing well, is satisfied, and is fulfilled in its work and in what it is doing.


What is your opinion on entrepreneurship in Mauritius?

The administrative formalities in Mauritius are not complex to create a company compared to other countries. The Mauritian, for me, is visionary and ready to create his own business. Nevertheless, I believe that small entrepreneurs are not sufficiently informed about the facilities or other aid they could receive. I think there is still a long way to go before any entrepreneur feels supported.


Do you have a message for aspiring entrepreneurs, young and old?

I would like to tell aspiring entrepreneurs that they must believe in their project, against all odds. They need to have confidence in their ambitions and in themselves. Anything is possible if you give yourself the means. For me, the passion for what you want to create is essential for the success of the project.


Doris Sullivan

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