Meeting with the General Manager of Learnbox

Learnbox is a digital e-learning platform founded in 2016 by Astrid Bauwens. The platform offers companies a complete and tailor-made toolbox to improve and boost their internal and external training.

Astrid, you are the Managing Director of Learnbox, an e-Learning company, can you introduce yourself and tell our readers about your company ?

I was born in Mauritius and did my higher education in Montpellier. Passionate about computer science, after a degree in communication, I naturally turned to a master in educational engineering. Seventy percent of our classes were held on computers and not in a lecture hall (much to my delight). There, I discovered e-learning, an exciting job. In order to complete my Master 2, I did an internship at e-doceo in Nantes. Through this internship, I met the director of e-doceo who became my partner a few months later in a company we opened in Mauritius : e-doceo Indian Ocean, subsidiary of e-doceo France.

When e-doceo was sold to Talentsoft last year, I took the opportunity to gain autonomy, and I opened a new structure : Learnbox. We are now working with other partners, and we still distribute Talentsoft (ex e-doceo) solutions. There are 10 of us at Learnbox 2 project managers, 2 e-learning designer “4 junior and senior graphic designers, and 2 e-learning integrators.

Learnbox Team

The e-Learning is a digital concept, innovative for the region. What were the difficulties you encountered ?

When we started in 2007, the concept was a bit avant-garde. But today e-learning is popular, as directors and managers see the value of it in helping their teams to improve their skills.

What are the advantages of e-Learning over traditional learning methods ?

It is important to note that e-learning does not replace face-to-face training. By doing blended learning (a mixture of both), a company will find many advantages.
Here are the advantages of e-learning :

  • Training ” de masse ” : an unlimited number of learners can be trained in e-learning mode. With e-learning, trainers will be able to distribute all types of content on the same platform.
  • Savings (travel, accommodation, etc.) : in terms of budget, we will limit travel, no more living expenses (associated costs such as meals for example), no accommodation to pay, but also a considerable saving of time.
  • Flexibility and adaptability (time, place) : the learner can work from the office, from home, on the bus, and at the time of his choice.
  • Accurate reporting (tracking) : the trainer can follow each learner at a glance. Information such as time spent on a training module/number of times on the module/quiz score will be easily visible.
  • Durable and updatable training materials : the training materials that are placed on the e-learning platform have a long lifespan and can be adapted or modified if necessary.
  • The e-learning modules are interactive, attractive, and the employee becomes ” actor ” of his training (since he decides everything).

What are Learnbox’s future ambitions ?

Our vision is to become the leader in content creation in the Indian Ocean.
Our speciality remains the design of custom-made modules, and we therefore wish to put our energy into this branch.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs ?

Don’t miss an opportunity, and trust your ” feeling ” !

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