My Citroën: digital maintenance in your pocket!

Having a car has many advantages and some disadvantages, for the less knowledgeable among us. As a motorist, we often dread breaking down, having an accident, we also wonder what steps to take to make a claim. If your vehicle is from Citroën, then no more panic for these questions because the brand has developed its onboard application to make your life easier. Thanks to the My Citroën application, all your vehicle’s on-board documentation is available directly on your smartphone.



In order to better serve its customers, Citroën, the French car manufacturer, has launched a new application called My Citroën. This links the customer’s internet account to their vehicle. Tune-up reminders, fuel consumption monitoring, driver assistance, maintenance tips, trip tracking, point-of-sale search, etc. Many services are available in real time.


My Citroën


How Scan My Citroën works

  • Once the application has been installed, select your vehicle model to download the on-board documentation and all the corresponding instructions;
  • Using your smartphone’s camera, scan the part of the vehicle on which you would like to receive advice on use;
  • Thanks to visual recognition, the application allows access to the content of the corresponding record;
  • Access the tips on the alerts indicated by the indicator lights, to find out what the problem is and display the solution.



More serenity and more ease!

The Link, Scan and My Maintenance applications have been merged into a single application: My Citroën. The latter gives the brand’s customers the possibility of finding their personal space with practical services: maintenance, journeys, geolocation and driving assistance. Moreover, by scanning the parts that are faulty on the vehicle, it allows direct access to the information sought. Thus, the user loses less time finding a page or browsing the entire summary proposed by the Citroën website.

The navigation in the application is very intuitive. Scan your vehicle and the application will remember the last items scanned. This is a shortcut to the indicator lights (high beam, turn signals, fog lights, etc.), making it possible to decode the dashboard at a glance!



This application is currently only available for the C3, C4 Picasso and restyled Grand C4 Picasso models. The C4 Cactus and C1 will be available from this May 2017. The application will be progressively deployed worldwide (with 28 languages available) later this year. So, no more paperwork and hassle on the side of the highway, your car companion is finally available for free on your smartphone (iPhone and Android). Here are the links to download the application on Google Play and Apple Store.

When will the same principle apply to other car manufacturers?

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