Za’SEO: 3rd edition scheduled for May 2017

The Za’SEO 3 is an event open to the general public, which aims to highlight technologies from companies and laboratories. During this exhibition, various innovations will be presented to the public in an interactive way. Technopreneurs and technology enthusiasts will be available to the public in a space for dialogue and exchange.



This exhibition attracts all profiles, from technicians, to digital enthusiasts and the curious. All will be gathered in an exceptional setting, focused on the discovery of technological trends in the coming years, the digital world, the creation of companies, the development of professional networks and the sharing of technological innovations.


A meeting that has become a must on the big island

The Za’SEO exhibition opens its doors for the third consecutive year. Over two days, it will plunge visitors into the heart of the latest digital trends. This unmissable annual event will bring together an audience from all walks of life: entrepreneurs, startups, business creators, project holders, among others. This 3rd edition will be held in Madagascar and will give visitors the chance to meet potential investors for their projects, and to get recommendations from professionals.



“In the beginning, Za’SEO brought together web professionals. It now brings together all the players in the digital business. Unique in its kind, this year the Za’SEO exhibition will host 28 exhibition stands presenting offshore companies, training centres and placement agencies. As in previous editions, the meeting around the world of the web will be boosted by conferences held by experts of different skills around the digital, “said Angelot Ronald, the organizer of Za’SEO.

Many partners will be present to strengthen the connection with the targeted audience of future engineers, potential investors, technopreneurs and lovers of technological innovations on the big island. In addition, visitors will be able to benefit from a wide variety of sponsorship offers to help develop new entrepreneurs and innovative projects.



An event for everyone

“It is the love of sharing that pushed me to create the Za’SEO community in 2014, with the slogan: “it is by sharing that we will all be able to evolve”. I have indeed noticed that it is this “Sharing” that is missing here in Madagascar, explaining moreover the unemployment rate that keeps growing. Thanks to Za’SEO, the phrase repeated by everyone: “Young people will be the future of Madagascar” is no longer relevant. “Young people represent the present of Madagascar”. “said Angelo Ronald, regarding Za’SEO and his motivation in creating this show.



For this new edition of Za’SEO, big names in technological entrepreneurship, professionals from various sectors, and the general public are expected for these two days rich in innovations and new discoveries. Renowned universities and technology companies, as well as Malagasy training institutions, will be hosting the exhibition, which will welcome over 3,000 visitors. The invitation is open to everyone: high school students, university students, young and future graduates, employees, managers, and others.


Za’SEO brings a lot to individuals

Za’SEO has given the opportunity to many young Malagasy to enter the world of work. More than 500 young people have been trained and have now become freelancers. In addition, 50 business creation projects have been completed. Za’SEO acts as a mediator for international companies, allowing them to get in touch with competent and qualified providers.



“It is by sharing that we can all evolve”… A slogan that has marked my career as a webmaster. Sharing with members of the Za’SEO community has helped to enhance and improve my search engine marketing skills. The Za’SEO editions were simply a fruitful experience for me and offered me interesting professional opportunities. “says RAZANAKOLONA Hanta Nirina.

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