New Emtel showroom: even closer to you


To be even closer to its customers, Emtel has moved to John Kennedy Street in Port-Louis. Inaugurated in April, this new showroom offers a new and exclusive experience. Covering more than 850 square metres, the showroom also houses a conference room with all the necessary facilities for holding video conferences. More spacious and better equipped, the space now brings together the staff previously located on rue Révérend Lebrun (in the Air Mauritius building) and those of the office on rue Desroches.



A strategic location

The new showroom is located in an emblematic and cultural building of Port-Louis. After several months of renovation, the location brings a new touch to the capital.

“We chose to restore this building for our new showroom to symbolize Emtel’s renewed commitment. Improving our services and the relationship we have with our customers is paramount. We want to meet the requirements of current and future Emtel customers at all costs. This renovation also demonstrates our dedication to environmental protection, which is in line with the launch of Emtel’s new E-bill service,” says Teddy Bhullar, CEO of Emtel.

This new space in Port-Louis reinforces the brand’s desire to be closer to its customers. The company is constantly expanding its range of offers and services to meet the needs of its increasingly demanding and technology-oriented customers.



Teddy Bhullar, CEO of Emtel.


“The new showroom gives our customers direct access to our products and services in one location. The showroom is a communication tool, as we can not only present our products, but also the innovative ideas and values of the company,” says the CEO of the brand.


They talk about it…

We took a look at Emtel’s customers and found that this new showroom is very popular, not only because of its strategic location, but also because of the proximity it represents for those who use the service of the teleoperator.

“I think it’s a good initiative. I only hope that the service will be faster, because often we, the customers, are in a hurry and we can’t waste our time in long lines. With a new state-of-the-art showroom, better service with more proactive and efficient employees would be welcome,” said Emtel subscriber Nathalie Tolbize.




“In the future, it would be good to have Emtel kiosks, as it would make our lives even easier in case of small glitches or queries,” suggests another customer.


About Emtel

On May 29, 1989, Emtel Ltd became the first mobile phone operator in the entire Southern Hemisphere. This major milestone in the history of telecommunications in Mauritius took place under the aegis of the Currimjee Jeewanjee Group, one of the largest groups in Mauritius. Today, Emtel is a partner of Airtel, India’s leading provider of prepaid and post-paid internet, wireless, broadband and fixed line, digital channels and mobile services. From a mobile company, Emtel has become a one-stop shop for ICT solutions, offering a wide range of products and services to individuals, professionals, and businesses.

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