New features at Twitter

Users of the social network Twitter will soon be able to publish “Articles”, a real alternative to users frustrated by the 280-character tweet limit.

A separate section for Twitter articles

After moving from 140 to 280 characters in 2017, Twitter is thinking of taking a new step in its development, by offering its users a longer format, in the form of articles. The famous social network with the blue bird plans to make this future feature coexist with its current model, which made its reputation.

According to the details shared by the prognosticator Jane Manchun Wong, who always follows the activities of Twitter very closely, American social network would work on this feature. Indeed, it has spotted Twitter Articles, this new mode that could soon join the side section of the tool and the tabs already present (Notifications, Messages, Bookmarks, Lists and others).

For now, the only way for users to tweet longer texts is to use the threads. With a dedicated section in the application, users will have the possibility to “Create a Twitter article”. This way, it will allow them to write an uninterrupted text, in one tweet. In addition, it would mean that the functionality will not be limited to certain categories of accounts.

Twitter Articles, a paid feature?

My precise details around Twitter Articles are not yet known. Among other things, we do not know yet if this feature will integrate the free version of the social network … There is a probability that only subscribers of Twitter Blue, the premium version of the application, will be able to use the Articles. In this way, the articles could be monetized, and thus constitute a new source of income for the American giant, its economic model being denigrated for years.

Anyway, the addition of this new way of Twitter could bring a breath of fresh air to Twitter, to make the famous social network more attractive than it was before… unless this new section comes to pollute the news feed of users.

For now, Twitter has not yet officially revealed how Twitter Articles will work, which accounts will have access to them, and especially when this new feature will arrive (if it really does).

Soon a voting system

Currently, the American firm is working on a few features as part of the Twitter Blue Labs. ” The Lab offers Twitter Blue subscribers early access to the features we are testing, before they are available to everyone,” the platform had defined in its “help” section.

Recently, the company told the news site CNET that it would soon share more details about Twitter Articles. In any case, for the moment, the network is focusing on the implementation of its “vote” function, similar to the Reddit system. However, this function, which aims to bring up in a discussion the most relevant answers (because the most voted by users) is still in the experimental stage.

According to l, this voting feature aims to improve the quality of conversations on Twitter, by relegating as far away as possible irrelevant or inappropriate responses. Once the new test phase is over, this new feature should be permanently integrated into the social network.

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