ProContact in Rodrigues: network cabling in progress

The network cabling is underway so that everything is ready for the opening of ProContact on Rodrigues Island. Indeed, since the installation of the MARS cable in February, things are accelerating on the island. Already present in Madagascar and Mauritius, the contact center continues to expand its activities in the Indian Ocean.



ProContact continues its expansion in the Indian Ocean

On February 16, the MARS fiber optic cable officially went into service on Rodrigues Island. Thanks to this improved connection, various developments are underway. Thus, the generalist contact centre ProContact, which has already been present in Mauritius for 18 years, is entering Rodrigues. In 2015, she also moved to the Big Island. This expansion of its activities should be positive in terms of employment. It is estimated that no less than 100 Rodriguans will be able to get a job with the opening of this new branch.


An improved connection for Rodrigues Island

The ProContact call centre is one of the pioneers in Mauritius and is preparing to take its first steps on Rodrigues Island in June. In fact, the network cabling work has already begun. As a reminder, the objective of the fibre optic operation was precisely to develop Rodrigues Island and create jobs. Stretching over a distance of more than 550 km, this submarine optical cable allows Rodrigues to benefit from a connection equivalent to that of Mauritius. And the infrastructure, with a nominal capacity of 16 Tbps, is already bearing fruit, just a few months after its installation.


Changing the world of work through technology

While the new branch is scheduled to open on June1, 2019, recruitments are already underway. The Commissioner of Information Technology and Communication (ICT), Franchette Gaspard Pierre Louis, has already visited the premises of the company located in Port-Mathurin. In addition, the actors involved, particularly in the public and private sectors, are doing their utmost to ensure the smooth running of the operations. This opportunity should contribute to the evolution of the Rodriguan landscape, through the creation of new jobs, but also thanks to the use of new technologies.


 The evolution of ProContact

ProContact is a generalist contact centre that started its operations in Mauritius in 2001. In 2015, the company opened a branch in Madagascar. Today, it can also turn to the island of Rodrigues. With a better internet connection, holding operations in Rodrigues is now a reality. Not to mention the large number of jobs that will be created. This call center has 18 years of experience and 400 teleoperators spread over 3 highly secure, complementary, multi-skilled sites. Their outsourcing platform in Mauritius offers the same quality of service as inshore.


Big changes ahead in Port Mathurin

These first beneficial effects of the MARS cable, recently installed in Rodrigues, should bring a lot of changes to Port Mathurin. Indeed, in addition to the jobs that will be created in the months to come, it will also be an opportunity for the people of Rodrigues to discover and evolve in the outsourcing services business.


Photo credit : ProContact Rodrigues

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