Rainy Attic Room: a game that helps fight depression

Every day you go up to the attic and talk to your depressed friend. Over time, you will see this small dark room gradually change thanks to you: this is the concept of Rainy Attic Room.

Furnishing a small, unhealthy room

Rainy Attic Room is a Korean simulation game available on iOS and Android, where you spend time with your friend with depression in a cold and damp attic. The little character is unable to leave his home and open up to others. Your goal is to collect as much rainwater and hot water as you can, and to talk to your friend as much as you can so that you can feed him and help him clean his apartment. The more time passes, the more your friend trusts you, and the more he opens up to you.

Listen to the character’s dialogue to create a connection with him/her

As you progress through the game, you can help the character furnish the room with nice things, and convince him to go down to the city for some fresh air (which will require a lot of energy). To do this, you will just have to interact with the different objects in the game, which will allow you to collect the drops of hot and cold water that constitute the currency of the game.

You can buy objects to decorate the room and make it more welcoming

Getting out of depression step by step

It’s a very slow-paced game, and it takes time to unlock each chapter and customization feature. It also reminds us that creating a real bond with a depressed person is something that takes time and investment, and also that helping a person to get better is not necessarily simple and that one must be patient. However, the atmosphere is so soothing that we don’t see the time passing in our task. The sound of the rain, the little tinkling sounds when you click on things, all contribute to create a soft and poetic atmosphere that helps distract us from overwhelming thoughts.

Each day, the player has access to a part of the NPC’s diary

Rainy Attic Room is an adorable and very well thought-out game: we appreciate the consideration taken by the developers to make the ambient feeling of sadness as realistic as possible, and the whole is really touching. The character really expresses perfectly how depression manifests itself in people, and even though he is not real, you want to help him in any way you can. It is therefore extremely gratifying to see all the progress he makes over time, and to see him gradually open up to the world. Finally, Rainy Attic Room is a game that celebrates small victories, because when you’re depressed, every step forward you take is important.

The game is currently only available in English, but the dialogues are simple and easily understandable.

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