Top 10 .io games in 2022

If you’re over 20, you probably don’t know about .io games; those browser-based games. No need to free up space on your hard drive – these games can be played on anything from smartphones to the best PC gamers.

There’s a time and place for .io games – they’re usually played at work or school when you’re bored, but they can also be played at parties with friends. In fact, the best io games are a great choice for a casual night out with friends online or irl, as no one needs to buy or download anything to participate.

From puzzle games to battle royale, .io games will keep you entertained for at least the next ten minutes… and might just eat up the rest of your day. We present the top ten for those days when you don’t know what to do.


Agar.io is the game that started the whole .io game craze. In this multiplayer game, you have to control a colored circle, and your goal is to grow as big as possible by absorbing smaller circles without being swallowed by other players. Agar.io was a very quick success when it was released, and the website became, according to Alexa, one of the thousand most visited sites in the world. Agar.io can also be played in teams, and the game includes a collaborative mode (“team”) and an individual mode(Free For All, FFA), in addition to an “Experimental” mode and a “Battle Royale” mode.


Brutal.io is as its name suggests, a brutal game. Players must drag death balls that completely pulverize enemy players they hit with them. When a player dies, orbs are left in their place, which, when picked up by another player, increase the size of their death ball.


Venge.io is an online multiplayer shooter in which you take up arms against two other players in a combat arena. In order to upgrade your equipment and become stronger, find all the shiny green dots on the map to claim these territories and achieve your goals.


In this game, you must swim and save as many ducklings as you can. Beware of dangerous boats as they can hurt you. Improve the appearance of your home, and customize the appearance of the duck you control.


EV.IO is a multiplayer shooter set in a futuristic universe. You fight your opponent alone inside the spaceport. Inflict damage on the enemy to get a high score.


Flappy Bird may be a distant memory for some people. The 2014 mobile hit challenges players to control a bird as it stumbles through the air. Orta Therox and Em Lazer-Walker, the developers of Flappy Royale.io, have modernized the formula to create a new kind of experience.

You battle 99 other birds and navigate through as many green pipes as possible before inevitably bumping into one of them. The goal is to be the last survivor. The developers mentioned on their site that most players don’t survive past the first two tips, so if you stay alive for more than five seconds… you have a great chance of winning.


Want to try Tetris 99 but don’t want to pay? Tetr.io is as close as possible to this without infringing on copyright. This multiplayer puzzle game pits players against each other to see who can stack and clear the most blocks in the least amount of time. You can also slow things down in Marathon mode, which allows you to play to relax.


2048 is a puzzle game that you’re bound to be familiar with. You simply drag numbered tiles to make them merge with each other. Only tiles with the same number can merge, adding up to double their value. The player wins when he creates a 2048 tile.


Want to get your daily survival game quota without having to download Minecraft? Starve.io takes you to a mysterious island where you must battle the elements and scary monsters, while managing your hunger. Fortunately, you’ll be able to count on other players because Starve.io is a cooperative multiplayer game with multiple servers across America and Europe.


Skribbl.io is essentially an equivalent of Pictionary, but online. The player has three words to choose from before going on stage and drawing for everyone. The rest of the group enters their guesses into a chat box, but the only messages people can see are incorrect responses. Whoever guesses the right word wins the most points.

This is one of those games that works best if you don’t have any artists in your group, because finding the answer to your friends’ horrible drawings can be incredibly funny.

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