Second TILT evening: the Serious Game


On November 22, we attended the second TILT evening, which uses Serious Games to promote entrepreneurial innovation.

3 hours to put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur

The SPIN team has done it again this November by organizing a second TILT evening with and for IBL Ltd. The TILT evenings are there to awaken the entrepreneur in us “Marie-Hélène Lagesse, event manager at IBL, announced in her introductory speech. ” Tonight, more specifically, we will awaken the values that animate us through various games and challenges “Karen Yvon, SPIN facilitator for the evening, added. 

Think& Innovative – Live& Talk, we are tempted to stop at the TILT acronym, which perfectly sums up the warm, playful and creative atmosphere of this innovation evening.

Soirée Tilt

As soon as they arrive, the participants are put in the bath. They choose the value that corresponds to them the most from a dozen proposals. Empathy, Loyalty, Ingenuity, Innovation… Each one finds its account and can join the table corresponding to its value in order to meet its teammates of one evening. It is this common value that will animate the various exchanges and games of the evening.

Bringing your values to life in a company : a child’s play ?

Inspired by the presentation of Céline Planel and her project Small Step Matters, the first Mauritian crowdfunding platform that aims to democratize giving in Mauritius, the participants quickly get into action.

As in the first TILT, each team benefits from the precious help of a coach to accomplish its 6 Sprints. Each Sprint is a fun, timed event that requires creativity and collaboration from each teammate. With the whistles of the SPIN members, the teams exchange on their common value and its application in their assigned business. The icing on the cake is that these companies are the ones imagined during the first TILT evening !

Soirée Tilt

The first two sprints allow you to get to know your teammates, your value and your company of the evening through games that strengthen team cohesion. Sprints 3, 4 and 5 are brainstorming sessions that allow each team to imagine good practices to bring their value to the company.

A video-teaser like in a real crowdfunding campaign

In a stimulating musical atmosphere, the last Sprint marks the climax of the evening. Each team discovers its sister team, which has been working on the same venture, with whom it must now collaborate.

The newly formed teams have 30 minutes to imagine the scenario of a video that encourages donations, like on a crowdfunding platform. Each team is then invited to present their video in front of the others. To live the crowdfunding experience to the fullest, you can then vote by donating : each team receives 100 tokens to be distributed among the various companies according to their performance.

Soirée Tilt

The winning company ? Smart Bin, a smart bin programmed to recycle waste, the team’s clear message and creativity won them over.

Judging by the laughter and lively exchanges that shook all the teams and their coaches, the value of conviviality was once again on display ! This promises a bright future for TILT evenings.

Photo Credits: Photo ©GillianeSoupe.

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