Shaping the future with the Mauritius Telecom Campus

The Mauritius Telecom Campus, led by Mauritius Telecom, has partnered with the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to offer a free 8-week incubation programme focusing on technical, mobile and web entrepreneurship. Program participants will receive first-class mentoring and free Wi-Fi in a dedicated space at the Telecom Campus for the duration of the program.



Mauritius’ digital transformation has posed various challenges to operators, especially in terms of talent and skills development. Drawing on MT’s deep insight into the ICT industry and leading practices from the perspective of vendors and operators, MT is positioning the Telecom Campus as a one-stop shop for skills development in the ICT sector.


Mauritius Telecom Campus


Mauritius Telecom Campus

Dedicated today to the development of talent (technical and leadership skills) primarily for the telecom industry, Telecom Campus partners with the best in the ICT industry, to offer Instructor Led Technological Training in fixed and mobile telecommunications. Through the combination of a technical curriculum system, facilitated by experts with real-life telecommunication experiences in entrepreneurial and leadership development, the Telecom Campus will provide mainly telecommunication and ICT related courses, in an environment conducive not only to learning, but also to enhancing collaborative work.


MIT – MT Consortium, a tailor-made partnership!

It is a first: one of the world’s most prestigious universities, MIT, is collaborating with Mauritius Telecom to offer a free technology incubation program, hosted by the Telecom Campus in Ebony, through the MIT-AFRICA Global Start-up Lab (GSL) program. This multi-disciplinary initiative promotes technology entrepreneurship and software development skills in emerging regions.



The GSL Incubator will no doubt take aspiring Mauritian entrepreneurs through all the stages of starting a start-up in a condensed program taught by MIT instructors. The GSL scheme is well known for its educational materials, software technologies, platforms and networks. They will enable techno-entrepreneurs to shape the future on innovation and enable the startup ecosystem to make quantum leaps.

Course components include a detailed business curriculum, funded business competitions, conferences and networking events encouraging aspiring Mauritian entrepreneurs to develop their ideas.

Throughout the program, future Mauritian entrepreneurs :

  • Learn how to go from an idea to a start-up,
  • Create a partnership and network with like-minded people,
  • Participate in a pitch competition during which investors will have the opportunity to invest in their start-ups,
  • Receive coaching, mentoring and expertise from MIT’s top-notch resources, free of charge


Telecom’s campus will cover an area of 1,100 m2 on the second floor of the Core building in Cybercity, Ebony. It will include 7 training rooms and 2 technical and interactive technology laboratories. Graduate students with strong software development skills from local universities, or anyone from the technology industry community are invited to register at the following link.

The program will run from June 19 to August 11. Participants will have the chance to attend lectures, workshops and discussions every day, Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Several other events will also take place after school.

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