Innovative Business Creation 5th edition

The Technopole de la Réunion is launching the 5th edition of the Innovative Company Creation Competition. This event aims to highlight entrepreneurial initiatives. Registration is open and free until May 14, 2017.

A few words about the Technopole de La Réunion

Created in 2001 by the State, the Region, the CINOR, the City of Saint-Denis, the Academy and the University of Reunion, the Technopole of Reunion is considered as a regional tool for the economic development of the country. Its aim is to help and support the creation of innovative companies, to ensure the animation of technology parks and to promote innovation on the territory of Reunion. This association is currently made up of about a hundred members and has an “incubator for innovative companies”, 2 technology parks (TechNor and TechSud with a project for a new park on the east side of the island). The Technopole brings together 111 companies and organizations, 1,300 students and 31 laboratories and training structures.

The young designers put forward thanks to this contest

The first edition of this competition took place in 2013, and was organized by the Technopole de l’île de la Réunion. This event gives the chance to the people of Reunion to present their innovative projects and gives them, at the same time, the opportunity to make themselves known and to develop their projects. A jury composed of professionals will judge the various creations of the participants and the winners will eventually be followed and supported by the Technopole Incubator.

The Innovative Business Creation Competition attracts many young entrepreneurs. Indeed, the first 4 editions obtained 326 applications. Among these candidates, 170 had their projects analysed by the jury, 47 promoters defended their ideas to the jury, 20 winners were awarded prizes and 9 companies were created. This event serves as a springboard for all these young creators and also allows to unearth the hidden talents of the island of Reunion.

Professionals involved in innovation support this event

This competition benefits from the help of various institutions for its animation actions: FEDER, Region, CINOR, CIVIS and CIREST among others, but it is also supported by many professionals who reward innovation and entrepreneurship. Crédit Agricole, Orange, Tetranergy, the Reunion Council of Chartered Accountants, Ademe and Air France, for example, are among the companies that are providing support for this Innovative Business Creation Competition. The latter set up special prizes to reward projects that could help their development. In this sense, EDF has set up the “Special Energy Prize” and a “Special Health Prize” by the Mutuality of Reunion.

Pierre Breesé, from IP Trust, who was awarded the prize of “best Industrial Property firm in France” will be, for this new edition, a member of the jury, but also the sponsor of this Competition. The latter works a lot for national SMEs in terms of management development, IP strategy and innovation and also works closely with Réunionese companies.

Pierre Breesé, sponsor of the competition

What is the future for the laureates?

Previous winners have given a lot of positive feedback about the competition. Most describe this event as a “great experience”. According to these new entrepreneurs, the Innovative Business Creation Contest allowed them to test their ideas, which on paper may seem far-fetched, but in the end turn out to be very innovative. The testimonies of these carriers are available on the website , and these reactions show that this competition is open and accessible to all carriers from all sectors.

 Winners of the 2016 edition.

A competition for all creators

To take part in this contest, you just have to go to and from there everything is done in a few clicks. Holders have until midnight on May 14, 2017 to register. The Pre-selections will take place from 15 to 30 May 2017 and the auditions of the candidates in front of the members of the final jury will take place on 13 June 2017. This jury will be composed of entrepreneurs, innovation, research and training players. The award ceremony will be held on June 14, 2017.

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