SME fair: giving visibility to small businesses


The 2107 SME trade show opened its doors on Wednesday, November 8, at the Kendra Mall parking lot in St. Peter. This exhibition, organized by SMEDA, will last for five days, welcoming visitors until November 12.


The Small Medium Enterprise Development Authority (SMEDA), under the aegis of the Ministry of Enterprise and Cooperative Affairs, is organising its third regional fair for small and medium enterprises in Mauritius and Rodrigues. This SME fair opened its doors on Wednesday, November 8 in the parking lot of the Kendra shopping center in St. Pierre and will last until November 12.


salon des PME


These fairs organized by SMEDA aim to promote the skills and know-how of local entrepreneurs. “One of SMEDA’s main roles is to give visibility to SMEs and we do this through regional fairs. This fair in St. Pierre is the third of its kind that we are organizing this year. Our goal is to give real visibility to all entrepreneurs who have a marketing problem. Many entrepreneurs do not have their own location and we are giving them the opportunity to be visible, to be known by the general public and at the same time to sell their product,” explained Phalraj Servansingh, Managing Director of SMEDA.

This SME fair is an opportunity for Mauritian consumers to discover entrepreneurs from Mauritius and Rodrigues. More than 600 exhibitors are gathered during this event. Visitors will find a wide variety of items at affordable prices. There will be plenty of choice with products on display and on sale, such as solar panels, shoes, jewellery, clothing and other local products such as honey from the company Miel D’or.




Nature and flower lovers are not left out! Some entrepreneurs came to sell the products of their nurseries. Others also offer naturally made products such as nonico juice from the company Nonicoco.ld.


Les produits de naturels Nonico


Several entrepreneurs came from Rodrigues with, of course, the famous Rodrigues chillies, candied limes or the coconut and papaya pie. And with the holidays coming up, you can easily find clothes to shine on the big day.


Spécialités Rodriguaises


SMEDA, whose role is to help SMEs become self-sufficient, regularly promotes entrepreneurs through such fairs. “According to the schedule set by SMEDA, every year we do a big national show at the Swami Vivekananda Centre, then two or three regional shows. Last year we went through Port Louis Waterfront, Mahebourg Waterfront and this time we are stopping in the centre in St. Pierre. Next year we plan to hold a show in Flacq or Goodlands. At the end of this November, the public is invited to attend the regional show in Rodrigues. This fair will be open to Rodriguan entrepreneurs, and of course, to some Mauritian entrepreneurs,” said Phalraj Servansingh.

Note that the entrance to the show is free and that it will remain open until Sunday!

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