Start-up competition: EDF launches the Pulse Award

Now present in the regions and countries where the EDF Group is present, the Pulse Award startup competition is once again launched. This novelty offers the possibility of having local editions. Moreover, new EDF Pulse Awards have been launched on the African continent, as well as in the UK.


A startup competition to launch promising startups

Since its inception in 2014, this startup competition has had one clear goal: to highlight promising startups and provide them with the push they need to get their project off the ground. The success of many of the winners of this competition bears witness to this. From Stigo’s folding electric scooter to Damae Medical’s sample-free skin cancer screening, there are many innovations that have come out of the shadows.


Over 43 million euros raised since the beginning

In addition, between 2014 and 2017, more than €43 million has been raised by the finalists. According to Hubert Blanquefort, Director of Digital Communication and Innovation at EDF, “the EDF Pulse Start-up Awards give them credibility and visibility.” After all, it is these project carriers who will be setting up the technological solutions of tomorrow. Thus, startups or SMEs with an innovative project in one of these categories can apply until 23 May 2019.


4 Awards for “the energy that changes everything

In this new edition of the startup competition, the prizes will be awarded:

  • 3 by the Grand Jury: 1st Prize, 2nd Prize and 3rd Prize of the Jury
  • 1 by the public after an online voting campaign: the Public Prize.

Each winner is eligible for a publicity campaign and will receive up to €100,000 to support the development of their project. The most innovative projects will be selected by committees of innovation experts. They come from the fields of research, media and business. Who will become theenergy that changes everything? To be continued.


Technical or technological solutions

The challenge for project leaders is to find technical or technological solutions to improve the quality of life of individuals. Indeed, whether it is about augmented housing or connected health, they must be innovative to meet these challenges. And there are more and more technologies to contribute to daily well-being. Connected home, teleconsultation, medical robotics, monitoring and autonomy, new forms of diagnosis, among others.


Three main themes of the 2019 edition

Moreover, for this new edition of theEDF Pulse Award, three themes are on the programme.

  1. Connected wellness. From augmented housing to connected health, innovating to meet the major challenges of well-being for all. A more “supportive” daily environment, a health system that anticipates more and provides better care;
  2. Sustainable territories. From infrastructures and living spaces, both individual and collective, to modes of production and organization, transforming our cities and territories to meet demographic and environmental challenges;
  3. Work 4.0. Accelerate the transformation of tools and methods for greater efficiency in the workplace, combining organizational performance and individual achievement.

Photo: EDF

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