Startup Awards: vote for your Tech Superhero in Mauritius

Startup Awards: vote for your Tech Superhero in Mauritius

It is the largest startup ecosystem competition and covers over 45 countries across 5 regions in Europe, Africa and Asia. The GSA, or Global Startup Awards, selects and rewards the players in their respective regions. This year, for the first time ever, startup ecosystems will be in the spotlight in Mauritius and the SADC countries. By the way, voting is open until September 30!



OTAM, MITIA and CCI France Mauritius have announced the 1st edition of the Southern Africa Startup Awards Mauritius (SASA Mauritius). This will be done through FINAM (Federation of Innovation & Numeric Activities in Mauritius). SASA Mauritius is part of the Global Startup Awards through the Southern Africa Startup Awards. This large-scale event rewards ecosystem players in their respective regions who have made exceptional contributions to the advancement of their startup ecosystems.


The mission of the Global Startup Awards

The purpose of the GSA is to foster partnerships, with a view to creating investment and trade opportunities. To achieve this, they must be able to identify and value the key players in the ecosystems at a local level. Secondly, they have the mission of connecting regional ecosystems on a global level. Thus, this 1st edition of the Southern Africa Startup Awards (SASA) invites SADC countries to participate.


Vote for your next Tech Superhero

A real springboard for startups from the African region, the best candidates in 8 to 14 categories will be selected as finalists. After that, the regional finals will be held on November 21 and 22, 2018. Moreover, until September 30 it is possible to vote for a candidate you wish to support. Who will be the new ” startup superheroes “? In any case, one thing is certain, it will be those who will contribute to the dynamism of the continent, starting with Southern Africa.


Startup Awards : votez pour votre Tech Superhéros à Maurice


At least that’s what Mckevin Ayaba, CEO of the Southern Africa Startup Awards, says. He also adds that “this highlight is a nice contrast between the perception of a less developed Africa and the ability of our companies to compete at a global level in innovation and technology.”


Mauritian startups in the running

SASA Mauritius has already published the list of candidates for the final. Indeed, in the Startup of the Year category, for example, we find, Generation Plus Ltd or, among others. In addition, it is possible to vote for the best EduTech startup, the best Fintech, or for the revelation of the year.


Startup Awards : votez pour votre Tech Superhéros à Maurice


The candidates and categories are as follows:

✓ ‘Startup of the year’:; Generation Plus;; Mycart; Noudeal

✓ ‘Best EduTech Startup’: AfriEDX, Orama

✓ ‘Best Fintech Startup’: Exportunity,

✓ ‘Best FoodTech/AgriTech Startup’: Serra Organica

✓ ‘Best Newcomer’: Barolo Ltd; Be Virtual; ORAMA; Discover (Mauritius)

✓ ‘Best Social Impact Startup’:; Serra Organica; Sakili Mauritius;

✓ ‘Best Student Startup’: Ecorganics

✓ ‘Female Role Model of the Year’: Romina Tello Soberanes;

✓ ‘Founder of the Year’: François Mark; Julien Faliu; Marc Rey; Shameer Cassam Muhammad Ramdin; Vital Sounouvou.

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