Test Drive of the Turbine: launch of the startup training program

Test Drive of the Turbine: launch of the startup training program

The Turbine Test Drive starts today, September 27, 2018. What is it about? This pre-incubation program is offered to individuals or groups with a startup still in the development stage. This event is for all aspiring entrepreneurs who want to improve their business plan and test the viability of their project.



30 Mauritian startups have been selected for the Turbine Test Drive. Launched today, this 4-week training program promises to be the ultimate event for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Over the past two years, the Turbine has built a real ecosystem of entrepreneurs in Mauritius. From this goal, several initiatives were born, including Test Drive 2018.


What is the Test Drive program?

This pre-incubation program was set up to prepare startups that are still in the development stage. Over 4 weeks, workshops will be offered to provide future entrepreneurs with a maximum of tools. These will enable them to transform their business project into a real startup.


Rapprochez-vous de votre rêve d’entreprendre avec La Turbine !

Four nights to give your business a boost

From the first evening of the Test Drive, participants are invited to talks and workshops. The aim is to get them to develop strategic thinking, but also to analyse and improve their ideas. The second night should help them envision the results they hope to achieve. This is done under the watchful eye of local industry experts, who will ensure that the goals are realistic and achievable. Then, thethird night of training is used to develop sales techniques and learn how to prospect for investors. To conclude these 4 weeks, the last evening of pre-incubation brings the future entrepreneurs to concretize all that they have learned. It is during this “pitch night” that the projects are presented to potential investors!


Promoting entrepreneurship in Mauritius

The aim of the Turbine Test Drive is above all to promote entrepreneurship in Mauritius. By encouraging as many people as possible to launch their startup, it increases the chances of successful companies emerging. A real chain reaction ensues as jobs are created. Furthermore, the startups that the Turbine wishes to promote must be innovative. These are those that will provide a solution to existing problems, which directly affect the Mauritian population.


What makes this program unique?

The main strength of the Test Drive is that no other program of this kind is offered to the public for free. This year, the Turbine has pulled out all the stops to provide the best possible experience for participants. For this, it partnered with various local market experts to bring enriching workshops to the 30 selected startups. Check out the schedule for this 2018 edition of the Test Drive.

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