Story Enjoy, cultivating the link when you are far from your family

Story Enjoy wants to offer the possibility to all family members to tell stories to children on video regardless of the distance.

What is Story Enjoy?

Story Enjoy is a web application that allows you to choose a digital story and film yourself telling it. The goal is to allow grandparents living too far away, separated parents, or distant family that is rarely seen, to cultivate ties with their children or grandchildren, no matter how far away they are. The initiative is particularly aimed at grandparents who are separated from their grandchildren between Reunion Island and Metropolitan France.

Story Enjoy was created in Reunion Island by a team of 5 people. Caroline Lopez, founder of the company, met with a panel of specialists in order to facilitate the use of the software by the elderly, or people less at ease with digital technology.

By launching this project, Story Enjoy allows seniors to feel less lonely, by creating a family bond around stories.

How does it work?

How does it work? It’s simple: users choose a story from the digital library available on the site, and film themselves telling the story they have chosen. The camera triggers itself, with a prompter for easier reading. Once the story is told, all that’s left to do is send it. Recipients can then respond via video.

An overview of how Story Enjoy works

More than a hundred books are proposed on the site, the majority in French, but some also in English. The books are sorted by age: from 3 years old, from 5 years old and from 7 years old. Most of the proposed stories have already been published in paper format, but you can also discover some exclusive authors and illustrators in digital format. For each story a summary is proposed, as well as the possibility to leaf through the first four pages.

An award-winning project

The idea of this beautiful and ambitious web application was born in the head of Caroline Lopez after the birth of her son. When she moved to Reunion Island, she felt an immense sadness at the idea that the grandparents would not be able to see their grandson grow up.

Winner of the 2015 Start-up Weekend, it received an innovation award at a national competition and was nominated for the 2017 Silver Economy trophies. The project also won the Start award at the second edition of innovation overseas. Today, Story Enjoy is labeled French Tech.

More than just a platform

Story Enjoy is more than a simple platform, and allows to fill the lonely moments of people living in retirement homes while bringing comfort to children deprived of their parents or grandparents. The initiative also contributes to the fight against isolation and combating the depression that occurs in seniors, preventing them from feeling lonely and useless. Finally, it is also a platform that helps to create and transmit a cultural and family heritage through stories. In particular, Story Enjoy hopes to help aspiring authors become real writers by publishing their book following their online success.

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