Story Enjoy wins the Start overseas innovation award

Story Enjoy

“So that our children can cultivate ties with their grandparents, separated parents, distant family … and much more!” sums up “Story Enjoy”, a project that won the Start prize at the second edition of innovation overseas.



Discover Story Enjoy

Story Enjoy is a web application that allows adults to choose a digital story and film themselves telling it. This story can be tinged with love, literature, culture and transmission. The objective of this application is to allow grandparents living too far away, separated parents, or distant family that is rarely seen, to cultivate links with their children, regardless of the distance that separates them.


How did the idea for Story Enjoy come about?

The idea of this beautiful and ambitious web application was born in the head of Caroline Lopez after the birth of her son. She, who had come to live in Reunion, felt a great sadness at the idea that the grandparents would not be able to see their grandsons grow up.


Story Enjoy


Not just a simple story

More than a simple application, Story Enjoy allows you to share and experience a moment of pure happiness with the person of your choice, something that was previously impossible. It contributes to the :

Societal: by filling the moments of solitude of people living in retirement homes and at the same time bringing comfort to orphans.

Health: by fighting isolation and depression that often occurs in our seniors, preventing them from feeling alone and useless.

Cultural: through stories, Story Enjoy helps to create and transmit a cultural and family heritage.

Education of children: Story Enjoy helps promote caring, self-confidence, self-reliance, the power of giving and sharing as well as gratitude through their editorial line.

Economic and ethical: through this platform, Story Enjoy hopes to help more people become real writers, by publishing their book following their online success.

Public benefit: Finally, Story Enjoy simply wants to share love and joy so that everyone feels better.


Story Enjoy

Story Enjoy: how does it work?

Pretending the child is in front of you, choose a nice story on the application, sit in front of your computer camera, and put on your best smile. Once the story is told, all you have to do is send it by e-mail. For his part, to access his story, the child, with the permission of his parents, only has to use the computer or tablet of the latter to access the content received.


Story Enjoy

The #InnovationOutremer contest

The #InnovationOutremer competition is open to companies that have been in existence for at least one year as of November 1 of the competition year. Companies must:

  • be registered in the Trade and Companies Register, the Trade and Crafts Register, the Chamber of Agriculture Register or be registered with URSSAF, the Prefecture or the Tribunal d’Instance;
  • not to be the subject of legal recovery or liquidation proceedings;
  • not to have a manager who has been or is being sentenced to a management ban;
  • the entrepreneur must control at least 25% of the capital of the applicant company.


During the competition, seven prizes are awarded, including:

  • Mobile innovation
  • Innovation e-commerce – services
  • Innovation Environment – Industry
  • Social Innovation – Collaborative
  • “Start”
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Favourite

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