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Technology is everywhere and our gyms are no exception! Studio Bodytech combines technology and sports activities with hi-tech equipment. Discover this new way to exercise.



Goodbye dumbbells, endless rows of machines and other torture devices. Indoor sports activities are reinvented at the BodyTech Studio in Mapou. Muscle building, weight loss or muscular rehabilitation, everything is possible thanks to the personalized electrostimulation sessions offered by Studio Bodytech, which has invested in hi-tech equipment.

“In 20 minutes, you can do the equivalent of two hours of bodybuilding!” says Olaf Masson, founder of Studio BodyTech, which opened on September 18 in Mapou.


studio Body Tech


How do the electrostimulation sessions work?

This method reinvents the way we practice sports in the gym. It uses technology with ergonomic suits that fit the body perfectly. The futuristic looking suit is connected to a touch screen, allowing for maximum muscle work. Members are advised by a team of coaches led by Greg Deweer, sports director of Studio BodyTech.


studio Body Tech


“Here we combine intense muscle stimulation with a gentle sports session. The client wears a lycra outfit to which is added a suit equipped with stimulators. The stimulators intensify the muscle contractions during the exercises performed under the supervision of a coach trained in the technique. All our studios are designed to train in the best conditions with the latest equipment. The experience is unique and our goal is to improve their fitness in the long term,” says Greg Deweer.

Who are the sessions for?

The electrostimulation sessions offered by Studio Bodytech are aimed at people aged 15 years or older. You can join this innovative method to burn fat, reshape your body, correct your posture or to relieve your joints. So you see, whatever the reason, once you sign up, you will be advised by a coach for personalized sessions that will perfectly meet your needs!


studio Body Tech


“Whether it’s for aesthetic reasons or to increase muscle mass and endurance, this equipment will help you sculpt the body of your dreams. With this technology, which has a worldwide reputation, we wanted to offer a way to stay in shape for those who don’t have time to spend two hours a day in a gym. Here, the member has the right to a personalized service, with a dedicated coach”, underlines Greg Deweer.

Please note that electrostimulation sessions are not recommended for people with pacemakers, tuberculosis, haemophilia or arterial circulatory disorders, among others. “Each new member has to fill in a form beforehand, and from there we determine whether he or she can take part in these sports sessions or not. Moreover, the intensity of the electrodes is adapted to each person according to their capacities. It is for this reason that our coaches are specifically trained in the use of this technology,” says the coach.




A session at the BodyTech Studio lasts 20 minutes, with a maximum frequency of two weeks, to give the body time to recover. In order for more people to benefit from this new concept, another Bodytech studio will soon open its doors in Floréal.

“We plan to expand our services across the country with the opening of two more studios. One will open at the So’flo by Ascencia shopping centre in Floréal by the end of November and the other is planned for the Tamarin/Black River region in early 2018.”

To learn more about the new concept offered by Studio Bodytech, a visit to the website is a must!


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