Tech jobs: how much do they pay?

Tech jobs: how much do they pay?

The technological and digital age has brought about an infinite number of changes, especially in the flow of communication on a global level, but also in the choice of professional career. Web developer, software engineer, web designer, the booming technology sector is inspiring more and more people to pursue a career.



A few years ago, professions such as doctor, civil engineer or lawyer, among others, were attractive to many young people in search of their vocation. Today, these professions, which we can describe as traditional, are being “abandoned” for career choices that are more focused on technology and its new professions: web developer, computer engineer, “community manager”, digital marketing or even in the field of architecture.


Les métiers de la Tech : combien cela rapporte-t-il ?


Technical training is necessary, but it is not enough on its own, because digital technology is evolving so quickly that experience also plays a major role. Also, as with any career choice, you need to know the salary you can expect to earn in these occupations, as well as the risks and requirements. What can you expect when you decide to pursue a career in this field?

With the cost of living getting higher and higher, how much can you expect to earn with a job in the digital sector?’s editorial staff has been looking into this question and we have managed to find the beginning of an answer thanks to the report signed by Castille Resources Mauritius! The technology and finance recruitment specialist has published its benchmark salary index for technology jobs in Mauritius.

The following salaries are indicative and will obviously vary according to experience and knowledge:


Les métiers de la Tech : combien cela rapporte-t-il ?


As mentioned above, this table is indicative and amounts will vary depending on experience and training received. However, we can recognize that overall, technology is an ever-changing industry, and having a basic education in computer science and technology allows you to earn a decent salary. The higher the skills and years of experience, the better the monthly income.

The field of technology is vast and always changing, finding a job that suits you is entirely possible if you make the right choice. Keep in mind, however, that your career choice should not be based solely on salary, even if it is a very important element!


Source: Castille Resources Mauritius


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