The 2017 IBL Tecoma Award will be held on Thursday, June 15

The nominees for the 14th Tecoma Award in Mauritius have been officially presented. The conglomerate IBL Together, the first Mauritian Group and third in the Indian Ocean, is the Master partner of this edition. Called “IBL Tecoma Award”, this prize is an initiative that aims to support entrepreneurship in Mauritius and the region.



“Once again, L’Eco austral has identified five Mauritian entrepreneurs who will be judged on their performance. Although they operate in different economic sectors and have a strong presence in Mauritius, they are all also very internationally oriented. This is a symbol of the new face of Mauritian entrepreneurship, conquering and open to the world”, says Alain Foulon, group CEO of L’Eco austral.


From left to right: Yan Mayer, Gérard Guidi, Arnaud Lagesse, Zulaika Sunthbocus, Alain Foulon, Vincent Rogers and Yves Ramloll.


As for Arnaud Lagesse, group CEO of IBL, he explains the reason for the partnership for the Tecoma Award, which has now become the IBL Tecoma Award.

“Our group fully recognizes the values put forward for this event, namely the support to entrepreneurs. As IBL has reached a certain size, it is normal that we give back this energy to them who are the heart of the economy of Mauritius and the region. And on 15 June, it is not one winner who will be rewarded, but all of us here present!” – Arnaud Lagesse.


Presentation of the Tecoma Award 2017 nominees

Zulaika Sunthbocus is the co-founder and director of Spoon Consulting. She works in the IT sector.

“Even though the majority of our customers are abroad, our strength is that we have been able to create a relationship of trust.

The latest application made by his company, which has become one of the world’s leading image management companies. A passionate and exciting sportswoman, Zulaika Sunthbocus has put her energy into developing and exporting software packages. She is a true ambassador of “Made in Moris”.


Zulaika Sunthbocus


Gérard Guidi is the director of the Indian Ocean Aesthetic Surgery Center. He is active in the medical sector.

“The values of generosity, tenacity and generosity that are those of rugby serve me every day as an entrepreneur.

Gérard Guidi is one of the pioneers of health tourism in Mauritius. This hairdresser by trade, rugby player in body and entrepreneur in soul, has developed an aesthetic centre that attracts the attention of professionals from all over the world.


Gérard Guidi


Yan Mayer is the founder and creator of Proxifresh. He works in the food industry.

“My approach aims to rehabilitate fruit and vegetables in a way by supporting a reasoned and environmentally friendly production method. The choice to be voluntarily controlled by QuantiLab is in a way the result of this choice”.

Yan Mayer has made his green revolution. This healthy eating activist has imposed a new model of fruit and vegetable consumption with his “ready-to-eat” and bagged salads. His company, Proxifresh, is now also in Rwanda and Tanzania.


Yan Mayer


Yves Ramloll’s business isin IT services.

“All companies have IT infrastructures that are the very basis of their development. Our business is to provide IT services to assist them.”

Yves Ramloll was able to seduce two giants: the American IBM and the Chinese Lenovo. His company has become their representative in Africa and the Middle East for major server systems. This is the proof of Mauritian know-how.


Yves Ramloll


Vincent Rogers is the Managing Director of Gazcarbo. It is present in industry and in real estate.

“The strength of our group is based on four pillars: our customers, our suppliers, our motivated shareholders and our dedicated staff, some of whom have been with me for 30 years. This know-how is the wealth of Gazcarbo and Mauritius”.

Gazcarbo is above all the production, import and distribution of gas for industry and health. But with Vincent Rogers, the group has diversified. It is now a business incubator and a real estate park. He is also involved in renewable energies in Mauritius and Reunion Island.


Vincent Rogers


Presentation of the Tecoma Award 2017

The 2017 “IBL Tecoma Award” winner will be named on Thursday, June 15 at 7 p.m. at the Trianon Convention Center (TCC).

Source: Ecoaustral.

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