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The rapper JuL has launched his NFT collection

The rapper JuL has unveiled his collection of 23 NFT with the release of his new album: Extraterrestrial.

23 NFT to win for fans

JuL has (again) seen things in a big way. Just six months after his project Independence, released last December, the famous rapper unveiled his latest album, Extraterrestrial. And to please his fans, he set up a device giving them access to several benefits, all in the form of a collection ofNFT.

The artist from Marseille offered 23 NFT, each representing one of the tracks of the album, and allowing its holders to receive its gold or platinum certifications for this album, as well as 20% discount for life on its site. In addition, three fans were entitled to receive royalties from his YouTube clips for a year.

The collection was rolled out on the Polygon sidechain (MATIC) and the 23 winners were announced on June 28. Each of these NFTs has common benefits. Namely, 20% discount on the artist’s online store and physical certifications of the album and the tracks of each NFT, when these will be classified as gold or platinum disc for example.

An innovative project

Lately, the fashion is NFT, and the rappers have understood it well. Numerous artists have launched themselves into this field in order to multiply their earnings. It was the case of Booba, Koba LaD, Sneazzy or Ziak.

But JuL didn’t just ride the wave in order to fill his pockets. In fact, it is the opposite. Indeed, these NFTs were not paid as such. To participate, you had to pre-order the album and communicate the code present in the cover, in order to participate in the draw. For the winners, only the mint fee of the Polygon network is to be paid, a few cents at most. The 23 winners were announced on June 28.

And to top it all off, if an NFT is resold on the secondary market, JuL receives 10% of the sale price. But 50% of this amount will be donated to UNICEF. The famous rapper has the heart on the hand!

And to finish, each of the 20 tracks of his new opus had the right to their clip: a colossal project, then. These were available for 4 hours on the artist’s YouTube channel Doretdeplatine on the day of the album’s release, and were quickly removed to be reserved for future NFT owners.

I made 20 sounds and moreover, on the 20 titles, each one will have a barcode and it will be an NFT to be won by a draw. The winner will have some nice surprises. A clip. I won’t say more but it will be very very beautiful. Only surprises ” , had explained the rapper on his Instagram account.

These exclusive advantages offered to holders represent a total novelty in the French music industry. By allowing its fans to enjoy substantial benefits, JuL offers a new use case for NFTs. Many other artists should be inspired by this model in the future.

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