The tech gift ideas that will please everyone!


The holidays are finally here! What would be the ideal gift to give to your children, your spouse or your sister? Discover our ideas which will undoubtedly please young and old alike!



The long awaited time of year, Christmas is less than 48 hours away! A festive season, however, is synonymous with a real headache when it comes to finding THE gift that will please young and old alike. Still can’t decide on the perfect gift for your loved ones? Tablets, smartphones, robots or other gadgets of the same kind… we offer you tech gift ideas that will please both young and old!

Interactive toys for the little ones!

For some time now, the toy market has been invaded by mini-tablets or computers for children. The only difference is that these tablets contribute to the awakening and development of children. Perfect for children from 5 to 10 years old, these interactive toys have been specially designed for the youngest technophiles.

The Vtech brand, available in Orchestra and Mozouzou stores, offers this range of toys at reasonable and affordable prices.




Another game that younger players will certainly enjoy is We Do. More than a simple game, the We Do kit is composed of several Lego pieces that children will use to create their own robot. Bricks connected to a computer or tablet will help the child to program the robot he has made.

Nintendo Switch, the system that adapts to any situation

The gaming console that virtually every kid is clamoring for this festive season remains the Nintendo Switch. This console adapts so you can enjoy your games no matter how busy you are or where you are. It can be connected to your television set to make it a pleasure for children and adults alike. It’s the perfect way to dive into the game with family and friends for some wild fun.


Nintendo Switch


The perfect time to change your phone

Are you hoping to get a new phone or just want to treat yourself? You’ll be spoilt for choice between the Huaweii Mate 10, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or even the iPhone X. Each model has specific features that will please you, but will certainly make your choice even more difficult. The price varies depending on the brand chosen, but all three start from 30,000RS and up, at authorized dealers across the island.

Live at the pace of virtual reality

Technology enthusiasts will certainly appreciate this little jewel of technology … the headset that allows a complete immersion in a virtual world. With Samsung Gear VR or PlayStation VR, you’ll have a plethora of choices to experience your video games up close. Again, prices vary depending on the model and the brand chosen.


Vitual Reality


All you have to do is rush to the shops and buy beautiful gifts to please your family and friends.

The Editor wishes you a great holiday season: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 to you all!


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