UoM launches the “Mobile Applications Development using Android Studio” training

You have no experience, but want to learn mobile development? This course has been designed for you! The University of Mauritius (UoM) is honing its mobile development skills with a new program called “Mobile Applications Development using Android Studio”.



This 24-hour program will run every Saturday from July 1 to July 22, 2017. The cost of this training is Rs 9,500 per participant, and employees can obtain a reimbursement of up to 75%, under certain conditions. To register, simply fill in the registration form, and make your payment at the University of Mauritius counter, before Wednesday 31 May 2017.


The course in detail

  • Saturday July 1st : Introduction to Android studio, Creating an AVD and Running the First Mobile App, Layouts in Android and UI Components.
  • Saturday 8 July: Sensors in smartphones, Creating and storing custom gestures, SMS & Calls.
  • Saturday July 15: GPS & Google maps, SQLite Databases.
  • Saturday July 22: Access MySQL Databases, Sample Game App, how to publish an application on the Playstore.




What this program has in store for participants

This program will be an opportunity to learn more about the many possibilities offered by smartphones, but also to explore the world of mobile application development with the Android platform. In addition, participants will learn how to master Android Studio, the official software for Android application development, and its associated plug-ins. Most of the sessions will be devoted to coding and practical programming exercises. Future students will create a variety of applications throughout the course to reinforce learning. This program will help to gain more experience and expertise in order to be able to develop creative Android applications.



At the end of the program, participants will have acquired the following skills:

  1. Complete understanding of the installation and configuration of Android Studio, SDK, plug-ins and Android emulator;
  2. In-depth knowledge of the main components of an Android application and of the different tools available in Android Studio;
  3. Design and development of mobile interfaces and applications on the Android platform;
  4. Integration of sensors such as touch screen, microphone, camera and global positioning system (GPS) to provide more complete mobile solutions;
  5. Integration of database technologies to store and apply SCRUD (Search, Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on databases;
  6. Creation of emulators to test your mobile applications. Participants will also be able to test their applications directly on their smartphones.


Android studio


They talk about it

In the first edition of “Introduction to Mobile Application Development”, which was launched in July 2016, UoM hosted 23 participants. Motivated by their enthusiasm, the institution is relaunching the program this year with some adjustments. One thing is certain, once again, the UoM has not been idle for this new edition of the “Android studio”.

“As a beginner, I learned a lot of interesting things about mobile app development. The trainers were very patient and helped us a lot on the technical part, but also practical. It gave me a better understanding of how the apps we use on a daily basis work, but also how they are developed” said a participant of the July 2016 program.


mobile application


“It is a very useful course as we learnt a lot about mobile application development, especially as there is no module on mobile development at HSC level and in most of the University’s programmes” argued another participant last year.

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