Veda Dean, or the art of turning your passion into a start-up

Veda Dean, or the art of turning your passion into a start-up

She dropped out of medical school to launch her start-up. She is Veda Dean, a young woman of Indian origin married to a Mauritian. Art and creativity, her passions, motivated her to create her own business.



While studying medicine, and more specifically, cardiology, Veda Dean decided to make a radical change in his branch. No more stethoscopes and other cardiovascular diseases. Her real passion is art and creativity. Veda Dean found his true calling and made it his profession. And it was probably the best decision for her because today, Panda & Wolf Ad Agency, her business is thriving.


One of Africa’s most innovative companies

To date, Panda & Wolf is listed as one of the 500 most innovative companies in Africa for 2018. This is at least what the Bank of Africa and the African Entrepreneur Awards reveal. “As a strong proponent of cutting-edge technology, we offer various services such as integrating digital systems, artificial intelligence, data scrapping and augmented reality. We also develop mobile applications that work without an Internet connection and Progressive Web Applications,” she explains.


Discover (Mauritius)™

Discover Mauritius from the point of view of Veda Dean

Launched in 2014 in the Grand Peninsula, the start-up has been relocating to Mauritius for a year and a half now. In fact, last year, the young entrepreneur launched Discover (Mauritius)™. It is a mobile tourism platform dedicated to promote and facilitate the discovery of Mauritius. It is the first of its kind, 100% Made in Moris and it brings a different vision of the island, from the point of view of an inhabitant. Little bonus: this platform is entirely free, the goal being above all to offer a unique point of view on the thousands of things to discover on the island.


Supported by the Association of Mauritian Manufacturers

The young entrepreneur is also grateful for the support of the WMA. She points out that this association has opened doors and allowed her to learn from other entrepreneurs on the island. Discover (Mauritius)™ is also recognised by the African Travel Association and was in the running for the Southern Africa Startup Awards 2018, which will have taken place on 22 November this year. Veda Dean even adds with a note of humour “our agency is all the professionalism of a wolf combined with the creativity and fun of a panda”.


A pair of entrepreneurs that works

Moreover, it seems that the wolf in question is none other than her husband. The latter, who worked in the photography department of Vogue in Paris, was destined to meet her. Indeed, it was through a transfer to Vogue India that he met Veda. This is how this success story was born. Today, she says she is fortunate to work with her other half in the business they built together. Providing constant teamwork, the entrepreneurial couple works 24/7. Their secret: time management and self-discipline. But above all, unstinting mutual support.


An application for the real estate sector

As for future projects, the couple is currently working on an automated application for the real estate sector. “This project and other ideas that are being developed now will come to fruition next year,” says Veda Dean. According to her, the best way to predict the future is to create it.


Photo credit: Le Défi Media

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