Wallet allows Mercialys to capitalize on data

The Wallet allows Mercialys to capitalize on data and the customer journey

Mercialys is innovating by offering a completely paperless loyalty program. In fact, since the end of 2018, its shopping center, Cap Sacré-Coeur, has switched to Wallet. Led by the startup Captain Wallet, this initiative has revolutionized the Mercialys process. Indeed, it is now able to collect data on the purchasing path and behaviour of its customers. 



Dematerialize the loyalty program with Wallet

Mercialys has been testing the dematerialization of its loyalty program for several months now. Thus, in Cap Sacré-Coeur on the island of La Réunion, a real digital revolution is underway. The loyalty program should now be fully deployed on the e-wallet system (Google Pay, Apple Wallet). So, when a customer enters the mall, he fills out a form to connect to the Wifi. Then, a confirmation email is sent to allow them to download their loyalty card via the Mobile Wallet.


Increase customer loyalty with e-wallet

In addition, once they have made their purchases, customers simply present their smartphone at the checkout. He can then win a voucher or increase his number of loyalty points. In the end, the goal is to increase customer loyalty in order to increase traffic and boost sales. However, this innovation also marks the end of the mobile application. The latter had limitations, including the actual download and registration process for the customer.


Generate traffic to the site with push notifications

This new loyalty mechanism on the Wallet aims to offer a more fluid customer experience. That’s how the idea came about to call on the startup Captain Wallet. The latter specializes in the dematerialization of loyalty cards, but also in customer relations on mobile. At the mall level, notifications are sent to inform customers of news and latest offers. This obviously helps to generate traffic to the site. The use of geolocated push notifications also makes it possible to present one’s card to a visitor as soon as he or she arrives in the shopping centre. The Wallet thus becomes a real lever for the distribution and personalization of content on the smartphone of its users.


Personalized and more targeted offers

Another important aspect of this innovation is that it gives Mercialys access to qualified data on the number and frequency of visits to the shopping centre. Purchases made are also recorded, which makes it possible to dispense with the cashier system. This saves time and optimises processes ! Furthermore, thanks to the information collected, Mercialys can better adapt its offers and marketing campaigns by proposing more targeted services.


Towards an extension of this solution to other shopping centres

Only 6 weeks after the activation of the loyalty program, more than 4,000 customers had already registered. In addition, of the 75 stores in the Cap Sacré-Coeur shopping centre, 88% had already increased their customers’ kitty. Following this success, Mercialys has decided to gradually extend the solution to its other shopping centres.


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