Associations 2019: 10 startups selected! 2019: 10 startups selected!

10 projects have been selected for the new wave of Together, they will participate in “making Madagascar a country of startups”. On March 30, voting ended on the Facebook social platform. However, the Semi-Final pitch, also known as The Evaluation, will be held tomorrow, April 13, 2019.



Who are the 10 startups that have been selected by

The selected projects are :

AKANY: This project aims to create a tourist site in the Central West region, in Miarinarivo Itasy.

ALL SECURE : This startup offers its future customers to protect their confidential data. It also takes care of securing the computer system against possible attacks.

FRESCO: The holders of this project intend to valorize the fresh organic fruits and vegetables of Madagascar by pre-cutting them locally.

FUTURO SERVICE: This is a project that aims to “put the right person in the right place”. This approach aims to guarantee the sustainability of the employer’s activities and the employee’s development.

LA BELL’O VERT: Designing organic and ecological cosmetic products made in Madagascar. This startup advocates the use of natural raw materials from organic agricultural products.


The 5 other selected projects are…

MADA-CUCURBE: the development, processing and marketing of cucurbits and their derivatives are their main activities.

MAMBELY : this project intends to manufacture ecological bags and fabrics from banana tree fibers existing in Madagascar.

SAFEMAD: it will work in the development of fertilizing vermicompost.

TUTORIA: the project intends to offer tutoring services for students in difficulty or in search of improvement.

VICI intends to produce and market Cider Vinegar Made in Madagascar.


Mentoring sessions given to the 5 best startups

During this event, the project leaders accumulate points. 30% comes from likes on Facebook. Of the 10 participants, 7 projects will benefit from the incubation offered by the organizer. Startups will be offered practical sessions on the ground as well as training. The final pitch is scheduled for July 12, 2019. 5 projects will then have to stand out in order to win mentoring sessions for the second part of the incubation.


2000 euros raised through crowdfunding

As a reminder, was set up to help 100 aspiring entrepreneurs get started. A sum of 2000 euros will be granted, depending on the crowdfunding has also launched an appeal to the goodwill of Internet users to collect a sum of more than 200 000 €. Thus, any donation from 10 € is welcome. The main objective of this initiative is to make Madagascar a country of startups, through the promotion of initiatives of Malagasy project holders. Projects are selected on the basis of several criteria and following interviews. At the end of the event, the grand prize winners will be awarded €2,000 each. In addition, the selected entrepreneurs will be able to benefit from coaching and training, in order to increase the chances of success of their projects.



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