Webcup Association: opening of a WebCup Campus in Saint-Pierre!

Webcup Association: opening of a WebCup Campus in Saint-Pierre!

The town of Saint-Pierre on Reunion Island will be home to a campus where innovation and creativity in the field of technology will flourish! On Thursday, April 12th, the Webcup association will proceed to the official inauguration of the WebCup Campus, installed more precisely in Saint Vincent.



After the numerous initiatives of the Webcup association in favour of technology, digital and entrepreneurship, the latter is embarking on a new adventure. The WebCup association will indeed proceed, on Thursday, April 12th, to the official inauguration of the WebCup Campus, domiciled in the street Bory Saint Vincent, in Saint-Pierre.

The WebCup association has taken a new step with the opening of the WebCup Campus, the result of two years of work. The WebCup association’s mission is to help the people of Reunion to improve their skills in digital technology and entrepreneurship, and it offers a real space to achieve this mission. The WebCup Campus is therefore the first physical place in Reunion Island where anyone can come and learn code, robotics, 3D printing and much more!

The WebCup Campus is a space dedicated to all modularized training devices, combining digital and multimedia resources, the interactivity of digital environments, the human supervision necessary for learning and validation in the various fields of intervention of the association.


Association Webcup : ouverture d’un WebCup Campus à Saint-Pierre !


A whole program for the people of Reunion!

As mentioned above, the WebCup Campus is a place where digital is in the spotlight. Therefore, to meet the objective of this campus, various workshops will be open to the public: for example, SILVER ELITE for the elderly, “support for administrative procedures”, extracurricular workshops on “coding” and games for young people, “discovery” workshops.

As part of the FABLAB SOLIDAIRE, other activities will also be offered, including extracurricular workshops in robotics and 3D for young people and thematic workshops for schools, colleges and high schools.

The WebCup Campus is a meeting place, information, training and support accessible to all audiences interested in digital, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The long awaited event: the WebCup competition!


Association Webcup : ouverture d’un WebCup Campus à Saint-Pierre !


Webcup is a pioneer association of web development in Reunion Island. Created at the end of 2009, it is dedicated to introducing the world of digital technology and entrepreneurship to the people of Reunion.’s Redac has dedicated a portrait to WebCup in the article entitled The WebCup association, an entrepreneurial digital adventure.

Coming back to the WebCup, now an annual flagship event for code lovers, it is a fun and educational competition, which consists of the creation of websites in 24 hours non-stop. The aim is to promote talent in ICT (technology, computing and communication), particularly in the Internet sector, but also to increase the sector’s international visibility.

This year, the WebCup will take place on May 5th and 6th simultaneously in the participating islands: Mauritius, Reunion, Rodrigues, Seychelles, Mayotte, Comoros, Madagascar, but also in Burkina Faso!

To know everything about the registration process, we invite you to read this article, Here we go again for a new edition of the WebCup! Attention: you have until April 30th to register!


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