New iPad, new application: Apple dedicates itself to education!

New iPad, new application: Apple dedicates itself to education!

So much new technology this year! This time, Apple is launching a new iPad for the education sector. The Apple brand presented on Tuesday, March 27 its new products dedicated to education, during a keynote held in Chicago.



If there is one thing that technology can be “blamed” for, it is the way it redefines childhood. If children used to enjoy playing together in the garden, playing ball, laughing or crying over squabbles, times have changed. Today, our children play through a screen!

Nevertheless, we must recognise that digital objects such as tablets can be real educational tools if they are used wisely. Apple has recognised the potential of its tablets, and is therefore committed to ensuring that iPads are used for educational purposes. With this in mind, the Apple brand presented its brand new iPad range on Tuesday 27 March, with a 9.7-inch screen. It is a new model of touch tablet more powerful with several software and programs dedicated to the intellectual development of the child.


Nouvel iPad, nouvelle application : Apple se dédie à l’éducation !


An affordable tablet with which “Everyone can create”!

The Apple brand continues to expand in the education market with this new, more affordable iPad model designed for students. Thus, this model has a 9.7-inch display, an A10 Fusion processor, the same as the iPhone 7. Staying true to its other Apple products, this tablet will be compatible with Apple’s stylus, the Apple Pencil, a feature until now reserved for the iPad Pro. On the back, an 8MPixel camera will allow for better quality shots.

On the software and program side, Apple is innovating with a new program “Everyone can create”. This new program is a spin-off of the “Everyone can code” program, which teaches students the basics of computer coding. With “Everyone can create”, students will be able to let their imagination run wild and develop their creativity. “Everyone can create” can be used for music, drawing, photography and video and will offer educational resources and teaching guides to help teachers work on these subjects. To work, this program will be based on the features of the new iPad including its improved camera. For the time being, the launch is only for the US and the UK.


Nouvel iPad, nouvelle application : Apple se dédie à l’éducation !


New applications for better experiences!

A new application called “For School” has been developed for teachers, allowing them to share content with their students and send them reminders. For example, remind them to sign a document or the date of a school trip, but also create homework. Assignments that may contain documents, PDF files and even links to websites.

The teacher will be able to retrieve these activities more easily and follow the progress of his students. Statistics on the class work will also be available in the application to allow teachers to know the average time to complete the exercise and the level of success.

Nouvel iPad, nouvelle application : Apple se dédie à l’éducation !


In total, Apple has developed 200,000 pieces of software specifically for the education sector. Students and teachers will also be able to store these and all their other data more easily on iCloud thanks to a significant increase in free storage space to 200GB, up from 5GB currently.

Putting technology and digital tools at the disposal of education can only help the new generation, the leaders of tomorrow, to succeed in their education!


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