WithMe, the new MauBank mobile application

WithMe, the new MauBank mobile application

MauBank strengthens its online presence with the launch of MauBank WithMe. This mobile application brings a new banking experience to its customers. This is the first in a series of technological solutions developed by the bank. The mobile app was launched this week and is already available for download on the App Store and Google Play.



WithMe app: 24/7 banking

Activated instantly with a MauBank debit or credit card, the WithMe app allows customers to conduct their transactions 24/7. They can print statements, transfer funds between accounts (both inside and outside MauBank), view their account balances, etc. Card blocking in case of loss or theft, as well as top-ups for mobile phones are also possible.


Open a new account in a few clicks

In addition, new customers can also open a new bank account with just a few clicks using this application. This is a first in the banking industry in Mauritius. Ramakrishna Bhagawan, Executive Head of Consumer Banking at MauBank, says, “Our ultimate goal is to make banking simpler, smoother and faster for our customers by providing innovative features through various digital channels. Maubank WithMe is just the first step in this direction.


WithMe interacts with 5 backend systems

To develop the WithMe application, the digital team took advantage of APIs. In addition, this application uses video technologies. For the automatic filling in of data, authentication and optical character recognition (OCR) have been used. WithMe interacts with 5 backend systems to provide information in a fraction of a second. New features, related to payments and credit cards, will be added soon.


The features of MauBank WithMe

In detail, MauBankWithMe offers to consult the account and the transactions. This includes checking your account balance, transactions made on a specific date or statement history. In addition, it is possible to view and print a mini statement on site. In addition, the app allows you to transfer funds to other local banks, make internal transfers and open a new account.

Schedule a video call with your banker

Like Juice (by MCB), MauBankWithMe also allows you to withdraw money from an ATM without a bank card. Then, in addition to making payments via SMS, the customer can schedule a video call with bank staff. Finally, he can block and unblock his debit and credit cards and top up his mobile phone at any time.


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