Cyberstorm.mu organized the Operation KSKroll hackathon

In 2017, ICANN had pushed back a change in the master key for DNSSEC. In 2018, ICANN decided to move forward. However, many open source software were not yet ready. So, to prepare the rest of the open source ecosystem, Cyberstorm.mu organized the big hackathon “Operation KSKroll”.



Cyberstorm.mu team launches Operation KSKroll

Cyberstorm.mu organized a big hackathon. Operation KSKroll hits cryptocurrency software and DNSSEC tools to prepare the rest of the open source ecosystem. This group of Mauritian developers focuses on computer security, IETF standards, and the use of Open Source Software and Linux. In fact, during the IETF 100 hackathon, they worked to implement them.


Operation A.C (Anti-Censorship)

Operation A.C. (anti-censorship) aims to add support for Quad9. It not only supports DNS over HTTPS, but also blocks sites containing malware. Basically, DNS traffic goes through an HTTPS channel instead of the traditional UDP or TCP channel. This is a plus for journalists/activists operating in countries like China, Chile, Venezuela, Iran and Turkey. This practice encrypts the request and makes it more difficult for a censoring government to manipulate DNS traffic.


An application named Intra

However, for DNS purists, it would be better to use the DNS protocol over TLS which is unfortunately only supported in Android 9. Jigsaw, an incubator of the Alphabet company, has developed an application called “Intra”. The latter was launched in Venezuela and quickly spread by word of mouth. However, the list of supported servers was limited to Cloudflare and Google.


Send pull requests to as many open source projects as possible

At Cyberstorm.mu, team members are busy sending pull requests to as many open source projects as possible. The good news is that they have already implemented the change for 2016-2017. So far, 5 pull requests have been approved. Other open source projects are currently evaluating pull requests. The participants are Codarren Velvindron, Nitin Mutkawoa, Jagveer Loki, Jeremie Daniel, Kifah Meeran, Rahul Golam, Veegish Ramdani and Loganaden Velvindron.




The cyberstorm.mu members who participated in the hackathon are:
Bruno Bernard, Codarren Velvindron and Loganaden Velvindron. It should be noted that Quad9 thanked the team for their work.

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