World AI Show in Mauritius: Huawei showcases its artificial intelligence capabilities

World AI Show in Mauritius

Today, Wednesday 28 November, the World AI Show starts at the Intercontinental Hotel in Mauritius. For the occasion, vendor Huawei will demonstrate its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. It will also present its ICT solutions.



Artificial intelligence to power ICT solutions

The World AI Show will be held over two days in Mauritius. Huawei, main sponsor of the event, will demonstrate how artificial intelligence can be integrated with and power ICT solutions. These include the Safe City project, E-Government and Smart Tourism. AI is expected to optimize municipal governance, improve the quality of public services and thus become a vector for industry development.


Strengthening the “nervous system” of cities

Today, 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. This figure is expected to rise to 68% by 2050. At least that’s what Edwin Diender, Vice President of Government & Public Utility Sector at Huawei, says. Whereartificial intelligence comes into play is in the governance of cities. It is becoming increasingly complex in the face of the various demands and challenges associated with urbanization. Thus, “a powerful artificial intelligence engine will help strengthen the ‘nervous system of cities’,” explains Edwin Diender.


Several decades of experience in ICT

In addition, Huawei representatives will use the World AI Show to explain how to improve the self-learning capabilities of cities. Indeed, the autonomous evolution of cities should transform digital agendas into digital transformation programs. This will propel governments and industries into the Industry 4.0 era. To date, Huawei is ranked 72nd in the Fortune Global 500. The Chinese equipment manufacturer will bring several decades of ICT expertise to the World AI Show.


Huawei’s latest advances in AI

Recently, Huawei has made several bold advances in AI. This month, the company unveiled its new digital smart city platform using artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities. It could be used for intelligent systems in public safety, transportation, government and education. It’s a move that comes a month after the company announced its artificial intelligence strategy, as well as its full AI portfolio. This includes a new Ascend AI chip series, and new products and cloud services that are based on the capabilities of this AI chip series. It is the world’s first AI IP chip series designed for a full range of scenarios.

About the World AI Show

At this World AI Show, no less than 500 delegates will be present. The Intercontinental Hotel will host more than 50 speakers, 40 startup representatives and investors. The exhibitors will show new technologies about artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics. However, it should be noted that the conference will not be open to the general public. Indeed, it will be accessible only to participants and those who have purchased their tickets in advance. However, those present will have the opportunity to meet a guest of honor who is currently the buzz, the humanoid robot Sophia.

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