Digital Innovation Day: a Google event in Madagascar

Digital Innovation Day: a Google event in Madagascar

On Friday 30 November, the Digital Innovation Day will take place at the Louvre Hotel Antaninarenina in Madagascar. This event, organized by Google Cloud, eTech and ArkeUp is dedicated to innovation. This is at the heart of several sectors of activity.



Big Data, AI and IOT at the heart of innovation

The arrival of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things, among others, has changed things. This digital revolution is only the beginning of a new era in digital. Google has established itself as a leader in the face of these changes. The web giant offers a 360° solution that responds to the constraints, problems and new needs of tomorrow’s companies.


Digital Innovation Day: introduction to Google Cloud

This is of course the Google Cloud Platform. To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the upcoming changes in the digital world, eTech Consulting offers a journey into the future. In partnership with Google Cloud and ArkeUp the company offers a practical workshop around Google Cloud (initiation to Google Cloud). This workshop will take place following the eTech, Google, Big Data and IoT Presentation.


A clearer vision of the digital future

This event will also be an opportunity for participants to update their knowledge in the field. All these technologies are increasingly present in various sectors of activity. Indeed, we are talking about more efficient call centers, predictive maintenance for aircraft and oil platforms, or optimized delivery services. Thus, learning about the potential of these new services and tools allows for a clearer vision of the digital future.


Simplify the complete mastery of these technologies

The great technological innovations of this century thus have many advantages. Moreover, all sectors of industry and services are concerned. Thus, Google wanted to simplify the complete mastery of all these technologies that offer decisive competitive advantages. All this, thanks to a single platform. For the occasion, Morad Bouyahyaoui, Technical andInnovationDirector of the ArkeUp group, graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Tours, and Lionel Touati from Google, GCP expert, will talk about the essentials of these innovations and the new features not to be missed .


Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things in a few figures

According to information from Intel, the most successful companies have placed the cloud at the heart of their digital transformation. Thus, in figures this represents :

  • 1.2 billion more for companies using Big Data (source: Forrester)
  • 200 billion connected objects by 2020 including cars, clothes, watches, homes, etc.

The high-speed train for this promising future is already underway, and eTech is offering a ride. So fill up on innovations and information on all these technologies of tomorrow. A real journey to the future is on the agenda for this edition of the Digital Innovation Day on the Big Island.

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