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An online store with a resolutely Mauritian identity and character, Zanana. mu is the perfect place to find all brands of products, ranging from household appliances to electronics, including decorative objects and furniture. Mauritian consumers, who are increasingly buying online, will find more than 1,000 prestigious brands of products available in Mauritius within a few clicks.



User-friendly, secure and innovative, intends to offer Mauritian consumers an intuitive and efficient platform on which they can find good deals. Better still, they can have their purchases delivered to the place of their choice, i.e. their home or even more simply to their workplace.

“We all love to shop. But sometimes it can turn into an obstacle course. intends to bring together in one place all the brands and products that Mauritians love so that they can take their time to shop, without having to travel,” says Ashiq Boyjoo, one of the co-founders of



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Thanks to its network of first-rate suppliers, is able to offer products from major brands (Samsung, Dell, Sony, Apple, GoPro, ASUS, LG, MusclePharm, etc.) at very competitive prices while providing personalized service to a demanding clientele.

To make your purchase on this new online shop, nothing could be easier! Select your product on, choose the payment method, confirm and you’re done. You will then be informed by email of your purchase, before being contacted by a Zanana agent to confirm your order. One of the special features of the site is that it gives priority to your availability and preferred delivery location. Zanana delivers your product anywhere in Mauritius. Moreover, all orders above Rs 3,000 are free. As for’s return policy, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the product, it will be taken back free of charge, within seven days from the date of purchase. By the way, if you can’t find your product on our website, don’t panic: has a section where you can describe directly what you are looking for, and they will bring it to you.



More than just an online sales site, offers companies wishing to display their products increased visibility and direct contact with consumers.

“ is the project of four friends who always wanted to create a business. The idea of creating an online sales site was born in November 2016 after a simple observation: Mauritians are buying more and more online due to lack of time. But there is not yet a single major player on the market. So there is room for a new operator,” explains Azaghen Vencatapillay, co-founder and director of


Better visibility for local artisans

Local artisans, small and medium-sized businesses can also take advantage of by exhibiting their creations. In a few weeks, will put online the products of local designers who want not only to show their know-how, but also to reach a wider public.

“In addition to the major brands that we sell, wants to give greater visibility to local talent and allow them to reach a wider customer base. For example, on the site, in the “home decoration” and “garden decoration” categories, you will find a wide range of handmade objects for the home and garden. Other local talents, in areas ranging from clothing design to crafts will soon enrich the catalog of the site, “said Azaghen Vencatapillay.

A local artisanal recognition that contributes to the unique character of the website. Through its strong Mauritian identity and an online marketing strategy in line with the local talent philosophy, the company intends to distinguish itself from its competitors.


Develop a concierge service

There is no doubt that the synergy of skills gathered within will enable the online sales site to make a place for itself in a very competitive sector in Mauritius. According to the director of, online sales are bound to grow in Mauritius in the years to come. Indeed, operators need more visibility and a service free of reproach.

In addition to online sales, plans to offer a concierge service by the end of the year. This personal service will be a natural part of the development of the site’s activities, which consist in facilitating the daily life of those who use the services of “Nou Baz Shopping”.

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