The new unlimited packages “Emtel Unlimited” revolutionize the Mauritian telecom market

Emtel, the first private telephone operator in the heart of Mauritius, launched its brand new offer at the Bagatelle Showroom on June 1st. Emtel Unlimited is an unprecedented package that allows users to make unlimited calls, send messages and surf.



A reference for Mauritian innovation

Emtel is remembered as a pioneer in terms of mobile telephony in Mauritius. Indeed, this operator was the first to have introduced International Roaming but also to have proposed the prepaid system to its customers at the end of the 90s. The company was also the first to introduce SMS, MMS and 3G in Mauritius. Wishing to propel the island into the era of digital and internet, it installs in 2009 a Fiber Optic that allows the population to enjoy a high-speed Internet connection that did not exist until then. Not surprisingly, in November of the same year, the company won the first prize in the “Changing Lives” AfricaCom Award.

In its 23rd anniversary year, the company is launching 4G-LTE, achieving one of its goals in terms of a technological revolution in telecommunications. This allows it to establish its status as the undisputed leader in Mauritian innovation. A decade later, Emtel continues to shake up the codes and bring new life to the telecommunications sector. On Thursday, June 1, in Bagatelle, the company launches “Emtel Unlimited”.


Life Unlimited with Emtel.


An offer designed for Mauritians

What “Emtel Unlimited” offers to its users is to “live life to the fullest”, nothing more, nothing less. This ambitious offer has a lot to offer. It gives everyone the possibility to surf the Internet, send SMS, make calls… and this, in an unlimited way.

Today, mobile communication is part of our daily lives and to imagine life without being connected is inconceivable. That’s why we come up with unlimited packages, developed for all those who are looking for mobile offers that meet their everyday needs “says Teddy Bhullar, Chief Executive Officer of Emtel.

Knowing that the entry-level offers are accessible from Rs 5, the innovation of this pioneer of the Made in Mauritius communication is sure to make people happy.


Emtel Unlimited offers.


A wide range of offers

Emtel’s greatest strength is that it gives its customers a choice. Indeed, users and new subscribers alike can take advantage of the various packages made available to them since the beginning of June. At the Bagatelle showroom, discussions are rife and everyone agrees that once again, Emtel is at the forefront of telecommunications. For the internet enthusiasts, Monthly Data Packs offers them a package specially designed for their needs and ranges from Rs 299/month for 1.25 GB of data, Rs 449/month for 2 GB of data, Rs 649/month for 3 GB of data and Rs 949/month for 25 GB of data.

However, having also thought of those who are not surfing the wave, Emtel also offers a Monthly Voice, SMS & Data Packs that allows its users to communicate longer and cheaper with unlimited calls and unlimited SMS. However, it is important to note that the unlimited calls and SMS are only valid for calls and sms made to numbers under Emtel operator. If you decide to subscribe to one of Emtel’s unlimited plans, you will probably have to buy additional credit in order to contact your relatives who are subscribers to another operator. This initiative is aimed at convincing Mauritians to subscribe en masse to Emtel and to abandon the current competitors in the market.




Finally, a combination of these two packages gives users the possibility to surf the internet, call from Emtel to Emtel and send messages in a totally unlimited way. Free access to Facebook and Whatsapp is also included in each of these packages, underlining the Mauritian company’s commitment to promoting connectivity among its users.

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