Zoé, winner of the 8th Startupweekend


54 hours of tireless work to build their startup, that’s the challenge that 15 teams set themselves. The latter competed this weekend, on the occasion of the 8th edition of the Startupweekend held at Esiroi, Sainte-Clotilde. The big winners of this latest 2016 edition are: Societal Favorite – “Gra’young”, Special Jury Prize – “YoupiDeal”, 3rd Prize – “”, 2nd Prize – Stash, First Prize – Zoé!




The projects presented are :

    1. Raissa Tanjama’s “Ma décobox” – rental of themed decoration “boxes” for private events
    2. “Bougie Kreol” by Hervé Degard – reuse and transformation of used cooking oil into candles
    3. “YoupiDeal”, by Gwenael Mallet – selling last minute leisure activities
    4. “Runinja”, by Anthony Patimo – creation of structures for sports and leisure courses
    5. “100 % pulpy”, by Christelle Paly and Alexandra Tiroumalle – ephemeral boutique for plus size fashion with image advice
    6. “Nout Boutik”, by Jean Daniel Cazal – Cooperative and eco-friendly store
    7. “” by Francis Exiga – Collaborative platform for the creation and distribution of digital comicsstartupweekend


  1. “Zoé”, by Claire Chuc – personal assistance service in the daily acts of life for people with chronic pathologies
  2. “Gra’young” – Collaborative and intergenerational youth hostel
  3. “Codi”, by Christopher De Boisvilliers – connected object and mobile application to make people want to ride a bike again
  4. “Yooki”, by Sandrino Ramanitrarivo – manufacturing and distribution of fresh pet food, variable and adaptable according to needs
  5. “Nemolegem by Anjelee Beegun – a platform for the popularization of law for individuals
  6. “Gedit”, by Amine Hirdjee Djina – dematerialization of accounting documents by QRcode
  7. “Stash”, by Laurent Hermann – ecological and mobile vehicle cleaning service
  8. “Noot RDVoo”, by Gupta Darbary – appointment scheduling optimization platform.




That’s it for this year, the Startupweekend will see you in 2017!



For those interested in attending Startupweekend 2017, here’s a brief introduction:

You have an idea and you want to make it happen? Why not present it during the Startupweekend? Bring your idea and give the right arguments so that the people present will choose you to form a team! Together, you will have 54 hours to create your startup, with the precious help of a coach. Once this time is up, make a pitch to convince a jury of experts and investors.

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