10 free websites to save time

We present you 10 incredible websites that will cost you nothing, but will save you hundreds of hours of your life.

Remove the background of your photos with LunaPic.

LunaPic is a free website, easy to use, with no registration required.

– Upload your photo
– Choose “Background Removal Tool”.
– Choose the right tool for your photo
– Download the result

It’s as simple as that!

Edit your PDFs online with Sejda.

Are you too lazy to download Adobe Acrobat? Sejda will do everything for you for free.

Simply upload your PDF to the site, and then you can immediately make the necessary changes. The site also offers a multitude of other useful tools such as PDF conversion tools.

All the tools offered by Sejda

And if you don’t have access to the internet, Sejda offers a desktop version to download beforehand, which you can use when you are offline.

Animate your photos with MyHeritage

Do you have an old photo of a family member you’ve never met?

You can bring them back to life with MyHeritage

– Register on the site (free)
– Upload your photo
– It automatically animates them

Historical personalities brought back to life with My Heritge Noctalgia

Design your profile picture with Profile Pic Maker.

Profile Pic Maker is a simple and free tool that allows you to design the profile picture of your dreams.

– Upload your photo
– Adjust the size
– Choose a background
– Download it (with a matching banner)

The interface of the site

You now have a profile picture to use wherever you need it.

Spice up your presentations with Pexels

We all use images in our presentations. But the videos allow us to keep the viewer engaged. Pexels is a free platform that provides you with royalty-free videos to dress up your presentations

– Access the site
– Choose a video
– Download it

Compare two documents with Diff Checker

Diffchecker is a free site that compares two text files to find out how they differ.
Simply paste your files and click on “Find the difference”.

You can also compare :

– Texts
– Images
– Spreadsheets

Find symbols and emojis with Copy Paste Character

Want to add a specific emoji or symbol to your post, but don’t know how?

Go to Copy Paste Character

– Choose the symbol you want
– Copy it ?
– Paste it into your publication

Create illustrations and tell stories with Blush.

Add royalty-free illustrations to your presentations or website with Blush.

– Choose the design you like
– Click on modify
– Personalize the chosen illustration
– Download it

Illustration obtained on Blush

You now have your own designs to brighten up your slides.

Get a random email address with 10 Minute Mail

Sometimes you need an email address to subscribe to a service… but you don’t want to use your real email address.

10 Minute Mail allows you to get an email address in one click.

– Copy the address
– Extend the time if necessary

The interface of the site

No more spam in your inbox!

Check for data breaches with Have I Been Pwned?

Has any of your login information been disclosed?

Check it out on Have I Been Pwned?

– Enter your email address
– Find all data breaches
– Scroll down to check their nature
– Change your passwords

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